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The Modula' Rig – The transformer of motion control rigs

The Modula’ Rig – The transformer of motion control rigs

This month saw the debut of the latest addition to the Modula’ Rig, its new jib arm, at the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) Show in London.
The Modula Rig’ is now on its way to Poland, where the new owners, TPS, are eagerly awaiting its arrival.
The Modula’ rig is a complete motion control concept allowing the user to pick and choose the size of the rig depending on the shoot requirements. The highly versatile Ulti-Head (a full motion control pan and tilt head) which together with the Modula’ base, makes up the simplest motion control rig. If the user requires lift, the Modula rig’s telescopic lift column is simply added.
If additional height or reach is required then the head can be mounted on the rig’s jib arm, which adds extra height and an additional rotate axis. The modular design of the system is not only good for different shoot requirements but also for budgetary requirements, as companies can start with a simple head and track system and gradually expand the kit as the budget and need arises.
This is exactly what TPS did, initially purchasing just the head and the track, then over a period of a year purchasing the lift column, then jib arm and additional rails.
Due to its versatility the Modula’ Rig has come to be nicknamed “the transformer of motion control rigs”.
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