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Prestigious BAFTA Award for Dupe

Prestigious BAFTA Award for Dupe

Dupe win BAFTA

We are very proud to announce that Dupe (featured in our October motion control Blog,) was awarded Best Short Film at the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2005 earlier this month. For those of you overseas or unawares, BAFTA or British Academy of Film & Television Arts Awards are kind of our equivalent to the US Oscars, so this was a tremendous achievement.  

Pictured here are Chris Waitt and Henry Trotter who collected the award  as the co-writers and director/producer team. One of the judges said that they felt it was, a perfect short film.  “I think that they were also very impressed with its technical proficiency and I can confidently say that I think it was the first time that motion control has been used in a short film in Scotland” said Henry.

You may remember that our very own Ulti-head was used to replicate several identical clones of a lazy slacker called Adam in this amusing tale. Both Chris and Henry have praised the Ulti-head as the perfect motion control system for their requirements, firstly because of their tight budget, secondly as it was small and very portable and thirdly it didn’t have to come with a specialised operator. In fact, they were in a position to shoot with it after just one day of training.
The Scottish BAFTAs, just like the UK BAFTAs, are designed to celebrate and foster the talent that is working in Scotland. This is where Dupe was shot, under a Scottish short film scheme called DigiCult (funded by the UK Film Council).


The many faces of Chris Waitt in the leading role

 On set with Ulti-head

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