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Ulti-Head Package Pricing From £34,900!

Ulti-Head Package Pricing From £34,900!

Do you know you how low-cost Motion Control can be?


Many people do not realise that getting a simple motion control system need not be expensive. In fact, with pricing for an Ulti-Head package starting at £34,900, it costs less than many remote pan and tilt heads which have no motion contol capabilities.
This lightweight Remote / Motion-Control head features a pan/tilt arm and carbon-Fibre adjustable tubes to accommodate a wide range of cameras. The UltiHead is precisely machined and fitted with the highest standards of industrial grade electronic components providing accurate and repeatable positioning of the camera. The UltiHead is quick and easy to set up, putting you in control – in minutes.

Ulti Head being put through it's Paces

The Ulti-Head was recently put through its paces at Arri Media Grip, UK, in an application known as “point-tracking”. This feature allows the user to tell the Ulti-Head where the object of interest is and the head will then automatically keep pointed at the object while the operator freely moves the encoded crane or Technocrane around it.

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