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Online Mark Roberts Motion Control Shop Now OPEN FOR BUSINESS


Some users may have noticed a new addition to our website last month. www.mrmoco.com/shop is our new online shop. Its only a small taster of what’s to come, but we thought we’d start by putting on some of our popular smaller products online, for users to buy directly from the website. It includes the more standard configurations of our small pan-tilt heads and sliders for motion control and time-lapse, including various controllers. It’s only a tiny portion of what we do, and buyers are always welcome to ask about customizations for their specific applications. It also calculates UPS shipping costs although for large orders it is best to get a direct quotation for shipping. More content will be added shortly, but you will find some interesting items on there.

Mark Roberts Motion Control

Mark Roberts Motion Control was founded 40 years ago by Mark Roberts. Realizing that Motion Control was inadequate to the needs of animators, he decided to produce a more stable and reliable camera rig that would produce consistent and accurate control of the camera.

Mark Roberts Motion Control website - www.mrmoco.com

Mark Roberts Motion Control website – www.mrmoco.com

 Our goal is to broaden the horizons of Film and Television production by supplying Motion Control equipment which enables creative moves to be entered quickly and easily, and greatly increasing creative potentials and realizations.

You can follow us here on our blog and with regular updates on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mrmoco1

Aeon for iPhone

There is an upcoming new Aeon iPhone interface, allowing our SFH-30 Pan Tilt heads to be controlled wirelessly from the ever popular iPhone. The head can already be used with a PDA, or a netbook for doing simple timelapse shots, but the iPhone interface will make it the world’s first and only commercial motion control timelapse system that works from iOS, the operating system on iPhones and iPads. The SFH-30 head is popular because it is lightweight and small but super precise and strong allowing to carry everything from DSLRs to REDs and Alexa’s. It can be battery powered from a couple of V-mount batteries, ideal for any location shooting.

New Products Success – A Sneak Peek

New Products Success – A Sneak Peek 



IBC Exhibition, Amsterdam, this month saw the release of a number of exciting new products by Mark Roberts Motion Control. If you weren’t there you’ll be finding out more about these products in the coming newsletters and website updates, but it suffices to say that some of these are designed to revolutionize the way motion control and broadcast robotics are used – and this is a sneak peek at a couple of the products we have been busy with.

Many of our products are being switched over to use Ethernet, allowing heads and rigs to be controlled via Ethernet and all the features such a facility instantly includes, like long cable runs, wireless connections, remote control over internet and even as shown at IBC wireless control using an iPad with our new app designed specifically for controlling multiple cameras much like a standard studio PTZ Joystick controller, only wirelessly.





The MOCO Forum

*** Don’t Forget the Moco Forum *** 

Remember everyone is welcome to become a free member of the online motion control forum. It’s a great place to ask questions about motion control and how to get things done on set or off. We want to see this service get used as much as possible so join today. http://www.mocoforum.com

Do you know anyone else who should be getting regularly informed about the industry? Let us know; we would be happy to send them our newsletters or DVD Showreel – The 2006 Motion Control Explained DVD. Email showreel@mrmoco.com to request one.If you would like to have more information about CGI, remote heads, cranes, dollies, accessories or any other filming equipment please let us know at info@mrmoco.com

Mark Roberts Motion Control Ltd.
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Mark Roberts Motion Control launch new website

Mark Roberts Motion Control launch new website:  www.mrmoco.com





Mark Roberts Motion Control are proud to announce the launch of our new website. Loaded with information on all of our rigs, heads and our full range of products including many on set shots and behind the scenes footage of our equipment in action. Take a look at our new site at: www.mrmoco.com

New features added to the MSA-20 Handwheels

New features added to the MSA-20 Handwheels

The features built into the MSA-20 Handwheels have been recently expanded with the addition of time-lapse shooting, to play back a recorded move one frame at a time or at very slow speeds. We have also incorporated a complete Preston lens control interface enabling the Preston unit to be used by focus pullers as normal but their lens movements are recorded and can be played back or exported by the MSA-20.

The MSA-20 contains quite a rich variety of filming tools which are not always obvious at first glance, these now include:

  •  Interfacing to the Cooke Lens iData system to record all lens motions and parameters.
  •  Back-Pan compensation to allow the Ulti-Head to automatically compensate for crane motions and keep looking in the same direction.
  •  Time-lapse and Slow mo shooting facilities.
  •  Interfacing to the Preston Lens control system.
  •  Interfacing to Fujinon Digi Zoom lenses.
  •  CGI import and export of move data.
  •  Wireless or wired control of the Ulti-Head.
  •  Full control of additional axes such as Roll, Iris and Model Movers.

The Wireless MSA-20 and Ulti-Head

The Wireless MSA-20 and Ulti-Head

The MSA-20 Handwheels and the Ulti-Head make a powerful pair, giving users a very versatile, easy-to-use, fully repeatable and motion control remote head.

Now the pair have been improved even further by creating the world’s first WIRELESS remote and motion control head.

With an indoor range of up to 250 feet the wireless option adds even more freedom for the Director or DofP.

All the functions of running the Ulti-Head from the MSA-20 remain the same whether one runs in wireless or wired mode, making the system a perfect unit for remote head or repeating moves, including full control of focus and zoom functions.

For more information about the MSA-20 and Ulti-Head specifications, click here or contact us on info@mrmoco.com

The latest addition to the Mark Roberts Motion Control Range – The SFH-30

The latest addition to the Mark Roberts Motion Control Range
– The SFH-30 

Mark Roberts Motion Control are pleased to announce the latest addition to the range of animation and timelapse equipment on offer, the new SFH30 Stopframe and Timelapse motion control head.

This compact and lightweight head is designed specifically for Digital SLR and compact video and HD cameras. As well as pan and tilt, motors for zoom and focus are also available as well as other accessories.

If you would like further information please contact us at info@mrmoco.com

The new SFH-30 head over-slung

 The new SFH-30 head under-slung

Need Rental Advice on Motion Control Equipment?

Need Rental Advice on Motion Control Equipment?

In a recent survey conducted by Mark Roberts Motion Control we found that one of the services you wanted from us was advice and options of what to rent and where to rent motion control equipment from. We are more than happy to offer this service and answer any questions relating to rentals.

You can always call us on +44 (0) 1342 838 000 or email info@mrmoco.com


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