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New features added to the MSA-20 Handwheels

New features added to the MSA-20 Handwheels

The features built into the MSA-20 Handwheels have been recently expanded with the addition of time-lapse shooting, to play back a recorded move one frame at a time or at very slow speeds. We have also incorporated a complete Preston lens control interface enabling the Preston unit to be used by focus pullers as normal but their lens movements are recorded and can be played back or exported by the MSA-20.
The MSA-20 contains quite a rich variety of filming tools which are not always obvious at first glance, these now include:

  • Interfacing to the Cooke Lens iData system to record all lens motions and parameters.
  • Back-Pan compensation to allow the Ulti-Head to automatically compensate for crane motions and keep looking in the same direction.
  • Time-lapse and Slow mo shooting facilities.
  • Interfacing to the Preston Lens control system.
  • Interfacing to Fujinon Digi Zoom lenses.
  • CGI import and export of move data.
  • Wireless or wired control of the Ulti-Head.
  • Full control of additional axes such as Roll, Iris and Model Movers.

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