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The Bolt Helps VFX Get Strange In Marvel’s New Universe

Behind the Scenes with Bolt on Marvel’s Dr Strange

Last year we had the pleasure of working on some of the coolest VFX shots on a feature that was Oscar nominated for its visual effects. The Hollywood blockbuster, Doctor Strange, tells the story of a lesser known but extremely powerful character in the Marvel Universe. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Stephen Strange, an arrogant neurosurgeon who after a car accident seeks help from mystics studying the dark arts and who then turn him into a Sorcerer to protect the World from a magical threat!

Motion Control was brought in for a variety of VFX shots. In the scene where Doctor Strange walks through what looks like a broken mirror, two Modular rigs were synced together so as to be able to shoot simultaneously. This was achieved with two passes from different sides of the room.

Other shots required more camera speed which is when Bolt on Track was brought in. Multiple passes were needed at different frame rates to make it appear as though Doctor Strange was exiting his body in astral form. This can be seen in the hospital scenes. Another shot later in the film required the Bolt to run the camera move at full speed forwards and then backwards so different elements of the scene appeared to be moving backwards in time.

For more information on the Modula click here | For more information on the Bolt click here

Motion Control Getting into Tight Spaces – Modula Rig Behind the Scenes

This behind the scenes video gives a great look at the Modula Rig in action, and how in a very small set, it helped shoot this well-crafted spooky short film, Turning Point. TheModula Rig behind the scenes Turning Point plot line sees a young woman waking up alone in an abandoned house and exposed to a deadly disease, she must survive the night.

The Modula Rig is specifically designed to fit into small spaces – including being able to pass through a normal size door – which makes it ideal for tight in-house shoots or other small places.

Our partners in the US, Camera Control, supplied the Modula, and in liaison with the director of the short film, Joe Penna, (MysteryGuitarMan!), created this great behind the scenes video.


For more information about the rig, visit our Modula Motion Control Rig page.

To watch the actual short film, Turning Point, click here

Annual Service Calls & After Sales Customer Service Survey

In line with our commitment to provide quality, reliable, and cutting edge technology supporting Motion Control solutions, for the creative industries and professionals working in the creative industries. Mark Roberts Motion Control provides 24hr support 365 days a year. Our Senior Service Engineer has over 20 years experience in assisting Producers, DOP's, Directors, Moco Operators, and Moco Providers with their equipment, providing training and on-site service requirements throughout the year, whenever it's required.


MILO being serviced

A new edition to the servicing options available has just been released. We can install an inexpensive slipring in a Milo Rotate and Pan that will pass an HD SDi signal, without going to the vast expense of going Optical. We are using them in the new Broadcast Head we are making – the AFC-100, and the results are very good indeed.

The New AFC 100 with Broadcast camera Mounted

The New AFC 100 with Broadcast camera Mounted

The sliprings we have tested will do easy 1080P at 24 FPS for lower end work and monitoring, with specification up to 60 fps. We anticipate multiple way 4K may be available soon for those who need that and are not recording in camera. It also looks that on some Milos this will also become possible on the Roll slipring too. 

MILO in the Service bay @ MRMC

MILO in the Service bay @ MRMC

There are Service Engineers available to carry out this upgrade in the field for those who are interested, including replacement of one or two cable sets for the rest of the rig, and could include it as part of a service visit. We can also carry this out as a service here at MRMC for those who wish. just send an email to info@mrmoco.com or call the service line to book this upgrade.

After Sales Customer Sevice Update:

A new addition to the website is the After Sales Customer Service Survey, (shown above) and we would like to welcome anyone that has purchased a rig or head from us recently to please fill in this survey so we can learn and adapt our approach according to what you feel we are doing right or areas that we need to improve.

 For further details regarding Service Calls or to speak to a member of the After Sales Customer service team please contact Mark Roberts Motion Control directly: +441342 838 000 or info@mrmoco.com

The MOCO Forum

*** Don’t Forget the Moco Forum *** 

Remember everyone is welcome to become a free member of the online motion control forum. It’s a great place to ask questions about motion control and how to get things done on set or off. We want to see this service get used as much as possible so join today. http://www.mocoforum.com

Do you know anyone else who should be getting regularly informed about the industry? Let us know; we would be happy to send them our newsletters or DVD Showreel – The 2006 Motion Control Explained DVD. Email showreel@mrmoco.com to request one.If you would like to have more information about CGI, remote heads, cranes, dollies, accessories or any other filming equipment please let us know at info@mrmoco.com

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The Modula’ Rig – The transformer of motion control rigs

The Modula’ Rig – The transformer of motion control rigs

This month saw the debut of the latest addition to the Modula’ Rig, its new jib arm, at the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) Show in London.

The Modula Rig’ is now on its way to Poland, where the new owners, TPS, are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

The Modula’ rig is a complete motion control concept allowing the user to pick and choose the size of the rig depending on the shoot requirements. The highly versatile Ulti-Head (a full motion control pan and tilt head) which together with the Modula’ base, makes up the simplest motion control rig. If the user requires lift, the Modula rig’s telescopic lift column is simply added.

If additional height or reach is required then the head can be mounted on the rig’s jib arm, which adds extra height and an additional rotate axis. The modular design of the system is not only good for different shoot requirements but also for budgetary requirements, as companies can start with a simple head and track system and gradually expand the kit as the budget and need arises.

This is exactly what TPS did, initially purchasing just the head and the track, then over a period of a year purchasing the lift column, then jib arm and additional rails.

Due to its versatility the Modula’ Rig has come to be nicknamed “the transformer of motion control rigs”.

Click here for more videos, information, and specs on the Modula Rig

For more information on the Modula’ rig contact info@mrmoco.com







*** Upcoming Shows: BIRTV, IBC, Cinec ***

*** Upcoming Shows: BIRTV, IBC, Cinec ***

 MRMC will be exhibiting at the following shows with the Modula Rig, the Talos, S3  3D Stereoscopic Stepper, Animoko Rig and for the first time the SFH-50 Pan Tilt Head with Roll axis. Please let us know if you will be attending. We look forward to seeing you there!

Note: Today is the final day for free registration to IBC 2010. Save £50 by registering now. Click here

August 23rd-26th, Beijing, China

September 10th-14th, Amsterdam, Netherlands



September 18th-20th, Munich, Germany

New Mexico State University Acquire the MRMC Modula Rig

*** New Mexico State University Acquire the MRMC Modula Rig ***

New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute (CMI) is the first University in the USA to have acquired a Mark Roberts Motion Control Rig. Derek Fisher, the program’s Director of Animation and Visual Effects was appointed to head the effort to develop and equip CMI’s Motion Lab and Sound Stage so that faculty and students can pursue student competencies and projects meeting or exceeding industry standards. The recently acquired motion control system provides a tool critically important to their program ambitions. Professor Fisher has a background as a Previsualization Designer and worked on such films as “Minority Report” and “Panic Room” which provided his first experience with motion control as well as working with Method Studios and Camera Control Inc. in Santa Monica on visual effects intensive commercials that used the Milo Motion Control Rig. Fisher believes that an MRMC Rig is a priority for the new program curriculum and is highly relevant to a new animation and visual effects program. When deciding on which rig would best suite the program, the flexibility and mobility of the Modula Rig made it a perfect choice. It can be transported to work sites, set up in a classroom or used on a high-end sound stages. With help from MRMC Engineer Peter Rush, CMI taught their first Motion Control workshop with great success. They are currently implementing the rig into Visual Effects courses and senior thesis projects.

Shotbox welcome the arrival of their Modula Rig in Prague

Shotbox welcome the arrival of their Modula Rig in Prague

 Shotbox are now the proud owners of a new Modula Rig. Located in Prague, Shotbox are a tabletop and SFX Studio who pride themselves on making innovative footage of food, beverage and other products. With the use of motion control and the Modula Rig they are now aiming to take their work to the next level creating cutting-edge and innovative shots that are not possible with traditional camera and grip equipment.

 For more information on shot box, click here to visit their website.


The BSC Show, 13th and 14th of March

 The BSC Show, 13th and 14th of March 


MRMC will be exhibiting at the British Society of Cinematographers in March at Elstree Film & TV Studios in London. Everyone is welcome to visit.


 The Talos Motion Control Rig, Modula Rig system and the SFH-30 pan tilt head will be on show and available for demo.

Follow the link below to register for your free tickets and we look forward to seeing you there!

BSC Show FREE registration, click here.


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