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Case Study: Christie’s Auction House Automated Photography Solution

MRMC Wall Slider for automated image capture

Wall Slider for Automated Image CaptureChristie's Auction House Automated Photography Solution Case Study PDF download

World famous Christie’s auction house needed a bespoke automated photography solution to take photos of different pieces of flat art. We designed and built a vertical wall mounted robotic slider to solve their problem.


The London auction house needed to capture paintings, watercolors, prints, posters, photographs and other flat art on a DSLR camera, where the camera was restricted to only moving up and down vertically – similar to a a large copy stand…


For other photography related automated image capture solutions see our Orbital Rig and range of turntables.


Large Photography Turntable Helps New Film Studio Expand their Creative Portfolio

Diyar Najed, a Saudi Arabian company who recently set up a studio a short distance outside the capital, Riyadh, just added a large Photography Turntable and Motion Base to their motion control robotics collection.

The new studio intends to be a full-service studio that can shoot films, TV commercials, corporate/promotional videos and other branded entertainment; as well as photo-shoots and other photography related work.

The studio already possesses a Milo Long Arm and a Bolt High-Speed StudioBot. Now, having purchased a large Turntable and Motion Base, they’ve expanded their creative portfolio, which further strengthens their goal of becoming a top-end creative studio.

The 4.5 metre photography turntable – capable of carrying cars and even light vans – will be perfect for automotive commercials and photography shoots. Given the studio is in Saudi Arabia we would expect to see some high-end sports cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys etc. grace the turntable very soon!

See below for a short video we shot of the turntable in our own manufacturing studio before we shipped it out.

Motion Base for Strong Visual Creativity

The Motion Base is perfect for making any object – large or small – seem like it’s in full movement. Shot against a green screen you can create an entire scene, commercial or film, while still comfortably filming from a studio, set or specific location. Moving cars, trucks or spaceships, the possibilities are endless!

Below is a brilliant short behind the scenes video created by Stiller Studios demonstrating a similar motion base to the one for Diyar Najed, to see how studios can use motion control robotics to produce visually brilliant footage.

Dawn Of The Stuff – Behind The Scenes from Stiller Studios on Vimeo.

Underwater Robotic Cameras Photographing The Magic At The Rio Games!

Underwater Robotic Camera System

Rise of the Underwater Robotic Camera System

This year's Games have seen the exponential rise of robotic cameras and the crucial part they now play in capturing magical live action moments! Advances in technology have provided a platform for automated robotic photography, which, in a nutshell, means cameras can be placed and controlled in virtually any environment or location on the planet.

Picture of Underwater Robotic Camera System with diverIn the underwater world these remotely controlled robotic cameras can capture moments previously unseen. From synchronised swimming, high diving and everything in between – there’s plenty of excitement to be photographed in the aquatic sporting arena. Previously, much of the action was lost underwater; with dives, twists, turns and plenty of kicking legs, some of the most captivating moments were never caught on camera – until now.

MRMC Robotics Help Photographers Capture the Action

Mark Roberts Motion Control supplied multiple robotic underwater heads to help capture these lost moments. Remotely controlled from a master server and client, photographers have full control of pan, tilt, roll, zoom and focus – along with the cameras aperture, exposure and a number of other settings. Photos are transferred over FTP straight from the camera, which gives you the ability to have the photos immediately viewable from anywhere around world.

The ability to be in a live action environment catching incredible unseen stills footage will be a must for any sports photographer or agency. Together with the MHC client software, photographers now have the ability to control multiple, moving cameras. Advances in IP technology means a photographer can control these robotic heads remotely, from any location in the world.

For more information on our underwater heads email us at info@mrmoco.com You can also see a demo video clip of the robotic camera heads below.

Automated Product Photography Rig at Photokina

Photokina Banner

Automated Photography at Photokina

Photokina is just around the corner! At the show we will be demonstrating our Orbital Automated Product Photography Rig along with our photography turntables. Get hands-on demonstrations and see how using our equipment you could rapidly speed up any photo production line!

orbital-rig-photo-300x279-amendedThe boom of the digital age has driven up the demand for product photography, but more specifically, the need for automated production workflows that can streamline the high volume of product shots needed by many on-line retailers. That’s why our
Orbital Rig is the perfect answer – with simple programmable moves you can literally set up and shoot hundreds of photos in very little time. Austin Langley, photographer for Asics comments on using the Orbital Rig:

By having the ability to load a setting and get moving into the shoot using my presets, it totally changes the game. I’m able to shoot so quickly with it that I am able to burn through shoots in an hour that would have usually taken me a whole day to shoot.

Join us at Photokina from 20th to 25th Sept, in Cologne, Germany. Hall 4 | Level 1 | Isle K | Stand 018

For more information on the Orbital or Turntables click here

Automated Product Photography: Case Study – 10 Million Photos!

Automated Product Photography Banner

Slovakian production company, Studio 727, were given an automated product photography project which involved taking over 10 million photos!

The objective was to photograph and catalogue Slovakian museum artefacts that were located in 55 locations throughout the country, for the purpose of giving on-line viewers the ability to see these relics in full 360-degree panoramic view.


Photography Studio with Robotic Arm taking photoThe scope of the project posted a logistical nightmare. Not only were there 55 locations that all needed visiting, there was also the entire gamut of museum artefacts, which came in all shapes and sizes. Then there were the museum buildings themselves, and all the issues of getting inside with the equipment and then actually setting up the shoots (lighting, backgrounds, equipment etc.).

The project also required that each artefact was photographed 144 times (4 elevations, with each level taking 36 photos), so that if needed they could be turned into 3D objects. With the task of taking 72,000 photos of each artefact 144 times, this meant Studio 727 had to come up with a solution to take 10 million photos!

Time was also a major factor. The project was funded by a government grant and the EU, and it had stringent time considerations attached. Factor in a time limit to an already complex and challenging undertaking, this compounded the vital importance of needing highly automated and sophisticated equipment to complete the project.

To see how Studio 727 used an automated photography solution with robotics, to get all artefacts photographed for full 360-degree viewing, download the Product Photography Case Study

You can also check out the short case study video, which has some great highlights of the different robotics taking photos

To see our Orbital Automated Product Photography Rig, click here






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