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Underwater Robotic Cameras Photographing The Magic At The Rio Games!

Underwater Robotic Camera System

Rise of the Underwater Robotic Camera System

This year's Games have seen the exponential rise of robotic cameras and the crucial part they now play in capturing magical live action moments! Advances in technology have provided a platform for automated robotic photography, which, in a nutshell, means cameras can be placed and controlled in virtually any environment or location on the planet.

Picture of Underwater Robotic Camera System with diverIn the underwater world these remotely controlled robotic cameras can capture moments previously unseen. From synchronised swimming, high diving and everything in between – there’s plenty of excitement to be photographed in the aquatic sporting arena. Previously, much of the action was lost underwater; with dives, twists, turns and plenty of kicking legs, some of the most captivating moments were never caught on camera – until now.

MRMC Robotics Help Photographers Capture the Action

Mark Roberts Motion Control supplied multiple robotic underwater heads to help capture these lost moments. Remotely controlled from a master server and client, photographers have full control of pan, tilt, roll, zoom and focus – along with the cameras aperture, exposure and a number of other settings. Photos are transferred over FTP straight from the camera, which gives you the ability to have the photos immediately viewable from anywhere around world.

The ability to be in a live action environment catching incredible unseen stills footage will be a must for any sports photographer or agency. Together with the MHC client software, photographers now have the ability to control multiple, moving cameras. Advances in IP technology means a photographer can control these robotic heads remotely, from any location in the world.

For more information on our underwater heads email us at You can also see a demo video clip of the robotic camera heads below.

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