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Marintek buy AFC and Flair System for Marine R&D

AFC Head

Marintek run an ocean basin laboratory in Norway where they test marine vessels and offshore structures in big wave conditions.

They had a project for high speed filming of an oil rig floating in the pool, attached and secured in an anchor system to the bottom. However, during heavy wave testing, the structure would move from centre.

That's where we come in… 

Marintek were looking for a robotic pan tilt head for a high speed camera with an automatic function so the camera would track the model independently with no camera operator during testing.

As you can see from the images, The AFC-100 controlled by Flair software provided an ideal solution.

Due to Flair’s support for real-time motion capture systems, MRMC’s robotic control provided a seamless integration with Marintek’s existing data tracking environment. Being a leading supplier of robotic systems for camera automation in sports, the MRMC solution also proved an ideal fit for this research and development application.

According to principle photographer, Siw Hermanstad, “The head performed flawlessly” for the initial project and will continue to be used for day to day operation in their 4-6 channel multi camera productions.

For more information or to see some video examples of The AFC – 100 click here

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