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The AFC head gives an unparalleled performance for a compact robotic head, providing advanced features designed to excel in a wide range of production requirements.

With a small footprint and high payload capacity, the AFC head is the perfect choice for getting close to the action without compromising picture quality. The art of fluid motion is perfectly realised through the very latest in precision motors and high-resolution gearing, together with control interfaces carefully designed to maximise the operator’s creative direction.


The AFC-100 head is the ideal choice for a wide range of broadcast applications ranging from studio camera robotics to live events and sports production. Speeds of up to 100° per second can be achieved whilst a high payload capacity offers supports for full studio build-up kits including cameras, teleprompters and accessories.

For live televised sports and events having the right interface is essential for successfully combining remote control and natural looking motion. MRMC’s joystick and pan bar control systems offer the best available translation of operator commands into smooth and precise camera shots. MRMC’s studio control software provides an ideal framework for today’s integrated studio environments. Multiple camera positions can be easily controlled from a single operator and pre-programmed moves and positions executable via a simple touchscreen interface. Integration with virtual graphics and automation systems, as well as an open API for direct control from 3rd party products and software is also supported.

Integrated I/O and optional slip rings allow for easy field deployment and simplified camera cabling. Lens control of digital and manual lenses is also built-in, further reducing cable runs. Fibre and wireless interfaces are available to extend the AFC and camera RCU operating distances. The AFC’s advanced servo system not only offers a high capacity payload, but also provides the level of precision required for accurate motion control moves.

Interfaced to MRMC’s ‘Flair’ software, the head is able to track live action along a pre-defined path, controlling camera and lens positioning as a live move or work as a part of a multi-camera tracking system like Polycam.


  • High bandwidth pan slip-rings with support for up to 3G HD video
  • Available with brushless servo or stepper motors
  • 360° unrestricted pan with high bandwidth HD throughput
  • Ethernet control of pan, tilt, zoom and focus (further options include RS232, RS422 & wireless)
  • Integrated control of Canon and Fujinon broadcast servo lenses
  • External fibre interfaces for extended operating distances are available
  • Single cable provides highly accurate control of iris, zoom & focus for broadcast lens digital servos
  • Control options include joystick console, pan-bars, hand-wheels and MRMC’s bespoke Flair software

PTZ Controllers

Perfect Fit

With integrated I/O connectivity, network scalability, optional CCU control and high-bandwidth throughput, the AFC-100 fits seamlessly into current and emerging multi-camera workflows including our own Polycam tracking system.

AFC-100 AFC-100
Celebro Media

“The AFC-100 has integrated seamlessly into our existing ethernet infrastructure, offering a superb payload in a small package plus silky smooth motion. It has also enabled us to cost-effectively control lenses suitable for 4K that did not have integrated lens motors. MRMC also adapted the heads to our needs, including motorising our lenses and offering mounting facilities for the teleprompters and bespoke mounting of the heads to the pedestals.”

Wesley Dodd, Chief Executive, Celebro Studios


View the AFC-100 information pack for more details.


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