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Asics Purchases two MrMoco Orbital Rigs for their Product Photography Line

MRMC Product Photography Rig the Orbital with Asics Logo


Asics the multi-national, athletic equipment company, had a problem that needed solving and they came to MRMC to do so.

Japanese footwear company, Asics, have a team of professional photographers to capture stock images of each and every style and colour shoe to upload on to their website. However, being the perfectionists they are, they had problems trying to get the shoes in the exact same position, with the exact same lighting and angle.

After undertaking extensive market research, Asics discovered MRMC’s Orbital

The Orbital offers 30 different shots, giving 360 degree views from 4 different angles in about as many seconds! Asics had not previously found such speed and accuracy within the market.

Furthermore, the added bonus with the MRMC rig, is it can shoot full-blown video, giving them the ability to do flying 360 video shots for social media and even commercials.

This made the Orbital the hands-down choice – and actually bought two!

A test was done to see the speed of the Orbital.  Here are the shots made in what time on what moves:

  • 1 spin with 10 photos and 1 top photo = 11 photos, one rotation, two elevations, 13 seconds
  • 1 spin with 36 photos and 1 top photo = 37 photos, one rotation, two elevations, 33 seconds
  • 3 spins with 10 photos each and 1 top photo = 31 photos, three rotations, four elevations, 40 seconds

After seeing the Orbital speeds and accuracy, Austin Langley, Digital Photographer for ASICS America Corporation, made the recommendation to go with MRMC’s Orbital, stating,

“Those are some impressive stats. I’m definitely seeing the potential with the Orbital.”

For more information or to see some video examples of The Orbital click here

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