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Motion Control Explained – AEON Software Applications

Aeon is our motion control software designed specifically for timelapse or very simple stop frame animation. The user interface is very simple to use and its low cost means it is the most cost effective way to control one of our timelapse or animation heads. Aeon can run wirelessly from a PDA or wired from a small laptop or netbook. This means it is also an extremely light option for transport purposes.

Aeon can create simple two point moves with gradual ramps (S-curves) or constant speed curves. Aeon can control up to 4 axes of motion. Please see below video:



Aeon for iPhone

There is an upcoming new Aeon iPhone interface, allowing our SFH-30 Pan Tilt heads to be controlled wirelessly from the ever popular iPhone. The head can already be used with a PDA, or a netbook for doing simple timelapse shots, but the iPhone interface will make it the world’s first and only commercial motion control timelapse system that works from iOS, the operating system on iPhones and iPads. The SFH-30 head is popular because it is lightweight and small but super precise and strong allowing to carry everything from DSLRs to REDs and Alexa’s. It can be battery powered from a couple of V-mount batteries, ideal for any location shooting.

The SFH-30 demonstration video

The SFH-30 demonstration video

With floods of enquires and requests for different controllers for different applications, the Mark Roberts Motion Control design team have created systems for all users. For broadcast applications and small HD video cameras there are pan bars, hand wheels or a joystick console. For stop frame animation there is our Flair computer system. For time-lapse on remote location we have created a simple software (Aeon) that can be run from a laptop.

And our latest advance for the ultimate remote time-lapse shoot, the SFH-30 can now be run wirelessly from a PDA or any Windows Mobile device (like a phone) using Bluetooth technology.

Click on the YouTube video below to see the demonstration of the SFH-30 with its various controllers.

A PDA running the new AEON software for timelapse

The SFH-30 is a low cost, high precision pan tilt head suitable for a wide range of applications. From stop frame animation, time-lapse, virtual reality, web promo videos to broadcast applications with small HD cameras. The SFH-30 is precise enough to be completely pixel accurate with HD and super-HD cameras, compact and lightweight to be used on any location for that perfect time-lapse shot and strong enough to take a wide range of cameras and lenses.

For more information contact us on info@mrmoco.com or click here to visit our SFH-30 page.


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