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Stop frame commercial – Minimalism, making of

Stop frame commercial – Minimalism, making of

 Weirdoughmationfilms, a Stop-Motion-Animation-Studio based in Germany (Rhein-Main Area near Frankfurt) recently handled the production of all Stop-Frame footage as well as all Motion-Control-Shots for the production of Minimalism, a web Viral / online spot produced by Living Room Pictures for MINI /BMW. Agency: Webguerillias, directed by Jochen Hirschfeld. Having worked with a Locomoco- and Kuper-systems before studio owner Juergen Kling decided to upgrade their existing ceiling mounted Motion-Control Rig
(orthogonal, movement range:
NS 250 cm, OW 240 cm, LIFT 70cm, Pan 720°, Tilt 360 °)
to MRMC´s FLAIR in fall 2008.

Watch the making of Minimalism and the online spot, click here or on pictures below

 The Clip was shot in 4K on a DSLR and was completely done in Stop-Frame-Animation – the only CGI content is the line of the fineliner. The lines of the Fat-Markers as well as all stains and splats are real footage. Since it was not possible to draw the Fat-Marker lines frame by frame multiple moco-passes where necessary for all shots including camera movement: After the animation pass was done animating the fineliner & markers on pencil guiding lines a clean-plass was shot for rig-removal, then the pencil lines where overdrawn with a red line and a redline-pass was shot – once completed the Fat-Marker tracks were drawn onto the set and a Fatty-pass was shot followed by a tracking pass to match the CG-lines for the fineliner with the footage. Whenever possible passes were combined to save time. The Markers had magnets to fix them onto the sets – the Fineliner and in certain situations the markers, too were rigged using Stop-Mo-Tec Ball-and-socket-Rigs.

 “It was the right decision to choose Flair. We really enjoy working with features like calibrated lenses, follow focus, target tracking and Cartesian control. One feature we are still looking forward to look into is the data in and output possibilities of Flair. In co-operation with Magnamana Production in Frankfurt we already produced several projects featuring Stop-Frame characters and full CG environments like several Trailers for Fantasy Filmfest and a gothic-music Video for ASP for which a functional and reliable data im- and export would be a nice thing to have.”
says Kling

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