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Secrets released and demonstrated at IBC 2012

Polycam in use filming a Horse Racing Meet

Imagine setting up 10 cameras to broadcast a football game, or music concert, and then having only one operator controlling them simultaneously. Or imagine, having a full complement of camera positions and camera operators and then adding some additional automated camera positions for generating additional second-screen views and revenue, without having to increase man-power. These are just some of the benefits and applications of MRMC’s new patent pending Polycam system, released this year at IBC.
Mark Roberts Motion Control @ IBC 2012

MRMC fielded many questions at IBC regarding Polycam

Developed by our clever boffins, using our precision mechanical technology developed for the film special effects industry, our IP-networked electronics (for LAN and internet remote control) and some funky mathematics, Polycam is the way for future multi-camera productions. Its application is not just for main camera views, but also for slave cameras carrying cameras with alternative formats or resolutions, or for the rapidly growing second screen views, allowing users to choose different points of view and on mobile or smart TVs.
Additionally Polycam could be integrated with leading real-time image analysis software to automatically follow the player or other point of interest. The interest generated at IBC has been very welcome and more and more applications for Polycam are continuously being raised.
And of course because the system is IP-based, control can be achieved not just locally but from a remote control room anywhere in the world, allowing for suitable bandwidth.
fig1. Polycam Graphic

Polycam has developed out of the precision technology Mark Roberts Motion Control is industry renowned for and offers broadcasters the reliability and consistency of shots that have made the most demanding of motion control composite sequences possible for many blockbuster movies.
Here is a YouTube video that demonstrates the principles of the system and how to control it.
Click Here to see the Video

Polycam is just one of the Broadcast Solutions newly available from Mark Roberts Motion Control, click on the link here to go to the brand new broadcast solution pages on our website. Please contact Steve Boland to request more information.
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