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MRMC Pan-tilt Heads serve another Wimbledon Tennis Championship

AFC Pan-tilt Head at Wimbledon

Pan-Tilt Heads at Wimbledon Tennis Championship

Once again MRMC’s pan-tilt heads were operating at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. It’s been four years since the heads were implemented at the tournament in partnership with Nikon. In 2013, renowned sports photographer Bob Martin wanted to bring a whole new dynamic to the photography at Wimbledon and therefore trialled MRMC heads mounted with Nikon D4s.

To date, there’s around 20 MRMC robotic heads covering the action from centre court to many of the outer ones that traditionally received little coverage.

Bob Martin, sports photographer, said at the time:

“The demand for new images at big sporting events is what encourages me to push the limits of photography. Using this set up, it’s proved that capturing the impossible is now possible, which is very exciting for the future of photography”.

Pan Tilt Head taking a photo at WimbledonMRMCs heads are not only used for photography at Wimbledon, they are also used by Hawk-Eye Innovations. They use the heads with their own SMART Production technology to capture footage that gets aired through the red button and BBC iPlayer app as well as other international broadcasters.

Due to the extremely smooth and quiet functionality of the AFC pan-tilt head, along with full lens control and its IP architecture that allows seamless integration into any system, MRMC heads are fast becoming a de-facto choice for many live sports productions & photography agencies.

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