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Encoding refers to using, or mounting, optical encoders or sensors on manual or automated equipment to very accurately measure and record their motion. The measurements can be saved for use in post-production or output in real-time for on set pre-visualization or virtual set use. It is widely used in the film industry it aid in post-production to give the exact data of what a camera or lens or object was doing during filming to aid on set or during post-production with the CGI creation. Anything can be encoded, sometimes, just a single axis is encoded and sometimes 20 depending on the application. MRMC can interface and encode a huge variety of equipment, including lenses, dollies (Fisher, Panther, etc.), Cranes (Louma, Techno-crane, GF, Panther, Scorpio, etc.), heads (O’connor, Ronford Baker, Sachtler, Panther, Manfrotto, Scorpio, Libra, Hothead, etc.) , and motion control rigs, as well as winches, and other rigs. Encoding is often done wirelessly using our wireless encoding system called Torus, or using Flair with the real-time XYZ option.


  • MRMC provide encoders adapted for any equipment – no matter what you plan on using we can encode it.
  • Torus gives a wireless encoding system – use a simple handheld PDA or iPhone / iPad.
  • Data can be stored in different formats for use with memory cards, or emailing or sending by Ethernet.
  • Positions are recorded in full synchronization to the camera or to timecode – encoded positions match exactly where camera exposure occurred.
  • Interfaces to Film, Video, HD and very high resolution cameras.
  • Any dolly, head, crane or rig can be encoded and used.
  • Output can be fed in real-time to Filmbox, Maya, virtual studio (VizRT) etc.
  • Simple to use.