3D Motion Control

A 3D World

With the popularity of shooting in 3D, the number of solutions and 3D Stereoscopic rigs available for filming has grown exponentially, and Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) have played a pivotal role in ensuring that 3D techniques and rigs can also be used or combined with motion control effects. Apart from being the first to develop a commercial system specifically designed for stop-frame animation, the  S3 stereoscopic stepper and its bigger brother the S4 , MRMC have worked with the majority of the 3D rigs available including, Pace, 3Ality, Swiss Rig, P&S Technik and Element Technica on a number of different motion control rigs and with different cameras to ensure compatibility. The majority of our rigs and heads can take 3D rigs, and closer integration between motion control and the controls & lenses on the 3D rigs are continually being worked on and developed. If you are a manufacturer of 3D rigs and want to work on closer integration with our motion control rigs, please feel free to contact us.

Make it happen with MRMC

The Ulti-head, our motion control pan-tilt head used on the Modula, Talos and Mini-Milo (as well as just normal cranes for remote head use) can easily carry the majority of 3D rigs without any adaption or adjustment. It only needs the secondary tilt support to allow for the generally increased weight of the camera package it is carrying. Our standard Pan-Tilt-Roll head used on the Milo and Cyclops rigs can also likewise carry most of the 3D stereoscopic rigs available but due to the ability of the head to roll there may be physical limitations as to how much dutch roll can be introduced. Obviously the smaller the 3D rig and the smaller the cameras the easier the unit is to mount onto the motion control rig, and less physical limitation exists to its motion. Also the smaller and lighter the unit is, the more stable the motion is going to be.

Protocol & Software

Live motion control recording and playback of the interocular and convergence as well as lens motor motion is possible subject to available protocols and hardware from the manufacturers. Additionally MRMC have full Solidworks 3D CAD facilities so if you have a specific rig, or a new type of rig you are looking to use, we can import a CAD model of it into our system and ensure it will fit onto one of our rigs, or you are welcome to come to one of our facilities and physically try it out on a rig. Where full control of the 3D functions is available to our Flair software, it is then also possible to program the stereoscopic functions or import their move from CGI, such as Maya or XSi, or export them to CGI. This opens the door to much simpler integration of 3D and CGI as well as motion control, of course.