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Slidekamera by MRMC offers a new selection of affordable motorized slider systems, pan tilt camera heads, and high-payload tripods for production and broadcast. As a part of our PTZ Enablement range, our Slidekamera products work alongside our existing heads, jibs, rails and subject-tracking software’s.

Slidekamera by MRMC

About Slidekamera

Slidekamera by MRMC provides automated sliders, rails, heads and jibs for the film, tv and broadcast industry. With customers all over the world, we enable production teams to upgrade their gimbal, dolly and crane equipment to accessible, yet professional motorised sliders and remote camera heads.

Elevate your productions with the latest in our PTZ Enablement solutions. Capture dynamic and unique shots with limitless creative possibilities with the Slidekamera by MRMC range

A Range of Ready-To-Go Kits

Experiencing shaky shots with a gimbal? Tired of slow setups with a traditional dolly? Upgrade now with our cost-effective studio kits. Adjust camera focus and zoom whether performing a static or tracking shot. Built and ready-to-go in a matter of minutes. All kit’s feature Slidekamera pan tilt camera heads, slider systems and stepper motors to suit your requirements.

New Robotics Heads

1 Axis and 2 Axis Pan Tilt Camera Heads built with studios in mind. Whether you’re looking for a high payload, fast movement or complete camera control, we can offer the perfect setup for you.

New Tripods

Reliable, sturdy and stable tripods for high-end filming. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications, our heavy duty tripods are built to stabilise camera cranes, sliders, video heads and other devices.

MRMC Broadcast Product Range

Looking for more PTZ Enablement equipment? The AJS-2 Camera Jib Arm captures smooth, quiet and repeatable shots for live production, studio, and house of worship environments. Our most durable PTZ camera — the ARC-360, operates under any condition, whether up the side of a mountain or on a concert stage. Lastly, the LLS-1 Light Lift System offers smooth and dynamic shots on air, with its vertical lift solution and options for floor, wall or ceiling mounting.

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