Broadcast Range Downloads

Software & AI

Polymotion Chat

Polymotion Chat is an easily deployable automated camera tracking solution that allows an operator to automate up to six presenter and guest camera positions.

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Polymotion Player

Polymotion Player is an adaptive automated robotic camera solution that is designed for field and arena sports, including football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

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Robotic Heads & Bots

AFC Robotic Head

The AFC robotic pan tilt head is the ideal choice for a wide range of broadcast applications from studio broadcast camera systems to live events and sports production coverage. With a small footprint, the motorised pan/tilt head is the perfect choice for getting smooth, precise shots without compromising picture quality.

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The PTA-1 is an autonomous robotic camera solution specifically designed for supporting broadcast cameras and lenses in outdoor applications.

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Robotic Pod

The Robotic Pod system is a leading, next generation, remote production tool. Designed for the toughest of tasks, in the most remote of locations, this system helps capture new angles with ease.

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Robotic Pod M2

Robotic Pod M2 is a high-accuracy pan/tilt platform incorporated with an environmentally protected high-specification broadcast camera and lens. The system is capable of 4K output at 22 x zoom range.

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The StudioBot is an MRMC robotic solution aimed at studio applications where a high level of automation is required whilst maintaining maximum creative possibilities. The system provides master camera angles and extended motion sequences, that work for every shot time after time. StudioBot comes as both a standard size, and an XL size.

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The Ulti-Head is the ultimate in heavy-load robotic systems designed for high payload capacity, speed and precision. The Ulti-Head offers the best in class for heavy duty camera support with a maximum payload of up to 45kg (with side bars), making it the ideal choice for providing fast, fluid, accurate motion for large-format cameras and lenses.

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Volumetric Capture

Polymotion Stage

The Polymotion Stage Truck is the world’s first 3-in-1 mobile volumetric studio on wheels. Developed to support the time-sensitive content creation needs of broadcasters, sports personalities and creative agencies, this truly mobile platform is capable of shooting volumetric video, taking 3D stills and full avatar creation, anywhere in the world.

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