Polymotion Chat Case Study - Oslo Streamingsenter

About Oslo Streamingsenter

The Oslo Streamingsenter in Norway specialises in AV and content recording and have 3 main studios that are used for broadcast, live production as well as studio recordings. They work with a variety of customers whose audiences’ content requirements range from doing pre-recorded played out in auditoriums, to recording live web streams, live TV news or streaming content on social media. Their goal is to use live content to create added value both before, during, and after the live event.

Project Objective

Following a recent studio upgrade, they wanted to install a system that would enhance the content they capture with their PTZ’s making the shots higher quality and more dynamic.  One of the challenges they want to solve was the requirement for automation to make their services more efficient, cost-effective without compromising quality.

The Set-up

Previously the studios they used had a number of PTZs that were placed on static mounts with each recording taking place by manual operation. After a consultation with the MRMC team, the Polymotion Chat Studio solution was proposed, which is an automated subject tracking solution for up to 6 camera positions, that allows a single operator to manage multiple cameras, even in socially distanced working environments. This also allows them to focus on capturing content without worrying about camera control. To further enhance the dynamicity of their shots a rail system was installed which gives them more flexibility and a wider range of shots.

“The Polymotion Chat system has really improved both our workflow and also the quality of shots that we can create. Shots now look much more dynamic and the amount of adjustment on the PTZs from the operators is greatly reduced. We are really impressed with the smooth movement and how well it is able to automatically track the talent. The rails were a great addition to the set up too. We have found MRMC very helpful and supportive which made the system selection and integration so much easier. ”

Thomas Dragsnes, Oslo Streamingsenter

The Results

Once Polymotion Chat Studio was installed, the systems have been in continuous use in all of their productions in two of the main studios. They have seen a vast improvement in the control of their Panasonic PTZs cameras, and the way in which Polymotion Chat delivers reliable, consistent shots and framing, particularly when the talent is moving on screen. The rails system has provided them with more dynamic shots with ultra-smooth movement, which gives a new look to their visual creations.