Use Case Study: Bolt Mini Model Mover

Use Case Study - Bolt Mini Model Mover

LÉMA Slow are a France based production company specialising in Motion Control & slow motion visual effects. Creating high-end content for many big brands, the team was one of the first companies to get their hands on the new Bolt Mini Model Mover 6-axis arm, putting the new system through its paces and testing it out in a variety of creative scenarios in their Bordeaux based studio. The Bolt Mini Model Mover comes with multiple attachments and is capable of full manipulation of products with repeat pass precision, timing, and triggering capabilities. (Note, it is not designed for any form of camera attachment).

“It is a versatile robot — perfect for tabletop photography or video shoots, and when you add motion control possibilities, it is powerful.”

Léo Lamant — Co-Owner, LÉMA Slow

Effortless Workflow & MRMC System Integration. Powered by Flair 7

Before the Bolt Mini Model Mover was officially released we approached LÉMA Slow to put the new system through its paces, testing its key features and how it could fit into a busy studio’s production workflow and help create more engaging content for potential clients.

Using motion control to create high-end content isn’t new, but when you want to incorporate a new robotics system into the mix, it poses its own problems, such as integrating it with the other robotic systems for triggering and timing, as well as getting familiar with its software and how to use it. However, for LÉMA Slow who already owned a Bolt, it meant they could seamlessly integrate the new Bolt Mini Model Mover, and easily operate it through Flair. Leo comments:

“The new robot is part of the Bolt family and means you can use it with Flair and sync it with other robots in the [MRMC] eco-system. This is kind of the new universal tool for an SFX team because you get an all-in-one rig where you pour, cut, hold and move”.

Practical and Portable For Any Studio

A key benefit to the Bolt Mini Model Mover is its size and weight. Coming in a flight-ready case, the system only weighs 42kg, and can be maneuvered around the studio or onto location easily. It is also designed to be attached to a desk, so studios can place it exactly where they need it. Leo comments:

“The main advantages of this robot is the size and weight. With 2 people you can carry it around and put it on a table”.

The system also comes with multiple mounting options, to allow easy attachments of different objects. Leo continues:

“We tested different objects on the robot, and what is really handy, is it comes with different mounting options, like a cheese plate, gripper or chuck, so you can mount anything on the robot”.

Plug & Play — Bolt Mini Model Mover Conclusion

After numerous days to test the Bolt Mini Model mover, using multiple different attachments and testing it out on liquid pours, shots for sporting apparel such as trainers as well as testing it with household utensils, Leo concludes:

It is a versatile robot – perfect for tabletop photography or video shoots, and when you add motion control possibilities it is powerful. On top of this, you use it with a laptop, so it is pretty much plug and play.


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