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Projection Mapping & Motion Control – the partnership grows.

Projection mapping and augmented reality are still in their infancy but as techniques and technology improve, they will make their way further into productions. Projection mapping when combined with motion control can achieve phenomenal effects and, as camera technology changes to include depth information, it offers the opportunity to not only achieve effects without greenscreens but also with little or no post production.

By using projection mapping and aligning the projection with the motion control camera’s point of view, in-camera effects can be created in real-time that then do not necessarily need compositing in post. There is still much work to do before that becomes the norm, but the number of projects using projection mapping is increasing and here is a fun recent commercial that uses projection mapping to achieve all its effects in-camera for the final ad.

Shot by The VFX Company, using one of their Milos on location in a quiet suburb in the middle of the night, the unsuspecting neighbours were “enlightened” while all the effects were shot in-camera projected onto a house.

Directed by Mike Sharpe of Found Studio, and with Tony Miller as DOP,  they teamed up with VCCP to create a television commercial for Hiscox Insurance. Found and NTSH produced the commercial using an ordinary residential house in Watford as their canvas.

The VFX Co added “We are pleased that we had the opportunity to work on this project and that the client was happy.”

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