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MRMC Welcomes Dan Brown – New VP of Sales & Marketing USA

Dan Brown  

MRMC warmly welcomes Dan Brown, our new VP of Sales & Marketing for the USA. Heading up our US office, Dan will further expand our reach into both existing and new fields of broadcast, product photography and other areas of motion control robotics. Smartly located in the Cincinnati area, the US office will provide a centralized hub to meet the needs of both east and west coast markets.

Dan has an extensive background in management consulting – specializing in sales and marketing. In 1992 he joined a prestigious California-based consulting group, beginning a consulting career that focused on management, administration, executive training, PR and sales.  Since that time, Dan has traveled to over 20 countries and delivered training and workshops to over 5,000 people on these subjects.

Dan has been applying his craft for nearly 25 years and has worked with a multitude of organisations to help build their image, brand and sales within their respective industries. 

With the company’s rapid expansion and growing demand for a US presence, MRMC asked Dan to come on board and help expand its presence across the US markets.

Dan Brown comments on joining the team:

“I’d heard of Mark Roberts Motion Control for quite some time, and their reputation as industry leaders, but it wasn’t until I found out a little more, that I realized the huge potential this company has with breaking into US markets. With decades of US market experience, I saw immediate potential for growth through additional channels and sales here in the US.

I am also a keen photographer and experienced videographer, so the products and industry were close to my heart, and I jumped at the opportunity to get involved!”

Dan would love to hear from you, and if you want to connect with him on Linkedin, or find out more about his past experiences and groups he has worked with, click here. You can also email him directly at or reach him on: 805-418-0463

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