Model Movers

Sometimes there is simply no substitute for a model mover, whether large or small. When filming large things in a simulated moving environment (like people inside a fast car) the flexing and physics involved just don’t look real unless you really move the set. And when filming smaller items like a clay figure for stop-motion animation or jewellery for automated product photography, it just makes sense to move the object instead of the camera. Mark Roberts Motion Control offers model movers in a range of sizes to suit your needs. From model cars to real cars, we can move it, rotate it, and shake it.

Motion Base

  • Stewart Platform
  • Motion Base Controller


  • Rotational / Turntable
  • Small Rotating Turntable
  • Large Rotating Turntable

Linear & Axis

  • Linear / Chuck Model Movers
  • 2 Axis Model Mover
  • 3 Axis Tables
  • Linear Motor