Model Movers

Sometimes there is simply no substitute for a model mover, whether large or small. When filming large things in a simulated moving environment (like people inside a fast car) the flexing and physics involved just don’t look real unless you really move the set. And when filming smaller items like a clay figure for stop-motion animation or jewellery for automated product photography, it just makes sense to move the object instead of the camera. Mark Roberts Motion Control offers model movers in a range of sizes to suit your needs. From model cars to real cars, we can move it, rotate it, and shake it.

Bolt Mini Model Mover

The Bolt Mini Model Mover is an extremely versatile lightweight 6-axis high-speed arm capable of full manipulation of products with repeat pass precision, timing and triggering capabilities. Starting at only £49k ($68k) the Bolt Mini Model Mover is our entry-level system to start working with high-speed robotics — enter into the world of motion control!

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Stewart Platform

A high-strength motion-base platform with 6 Degrees of Freedom capable of moving large and small objects. The high-speed, powerful servo units give the user the ability to move their object in any linear and rotational direction to create the illusion of motion. These platforms are often used with actors against a green screen to give the appearance of driving a vehicle over rough terrain or piloting a spacecraft, for example.

Motion Base Controller

The Motion Base Controller is a scale model of the Stewart Platform that provides an intuitive method of controlling or programming the full-size version. The full-size rig mimics the hand-controlled movements of the Motion Base Controller, and optical encoders ensure a high degree of accuracy and stability.


  • Small Rotating Turntable
  • Large Rotating Turntable
  • Rotational / Turntable

Linear & Axis

  • Linear / Chuck Model Movers
  • 2 Axis Model Mover
  • 3 Axis Tables
  • Linear Motor