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The S3 And S4 are no longer available for sale


  • The must have tool for all 3D stereoscopic filming
  • Strong rigid construction using high quality bearings
  • User programmable inter-ocular distance
  • Makes Stereoscopic filming very easy and semi-automated
  • Integrates with popular animation software such as Stop-Motion Pro, Dragon Stop Motion, and Animator HD
  • Can also be used for timelapse
  • Extremely precise and repeatable motion
  • On-board FLASH memory stores all settings when power is off
  • Self contained unit can be used with or without motion control
  • Clear backlit LCD screen can be seen in low light levels
  • Simple user interface and easily upgraded via USB
  • Can trigger the camera or can be triggered by the camera Up to 3″ (75mm) of travel on standard unit
  • Can carry large and small cameras – compatible with Nikon and Canon DSLRM

The basic technology for 3D live-action filming normally consists of using 2 cameras separated by a distance known as the inter-ocular distance and a variable angle known as the convergence. By varying these, different special effects can be created for the viewer.

For stop-frame animation the use of 2 cameras is often not just costly but impossible or unnecessary. Often because stop frame animation is of scaled models, the cameras need to be very close together (closer than they can physically fit). Because there is no live-action it is simpler and more cost effective to use a single camera and slide it side to side to take the two images necessary for each eye. This makes the camera package smaller by needing only one camera and lens, eliminates differences in the image due to two lenses having different lens distortions, allows the inter-ocular distance to be as small as needed without problems due to camera and lens sizes. This principle can also be used for 3D nature photography or timelapse of slow moving events. The only issue is how to accurately control the side to side motion of the camera.


Now Mark Roberts Motion Control are pleased to announce the release of the new S3 Stereoscopic 3D Stepping module. This intelligent, low-cost, portable unit can accurately control the motion and triggering of the camera for any stop-frame 3D filming. It is designed to carry a variety of DSLR and filming cameras and has great built-in features.


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