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Curry's/PC World Motion Control Commercial – Making of with the Titan

MrMoco Rentals and the Titan travelled to Prague with Partizan to shoot the latest Currys/PC World commercial.

Using a mixture of motion control and computer timing systems to perfectly manoeuvre the products with mechanical pulleys, wires and pneumatic rams, the commercial shows how, with the store’s 10,000 plus products, it can still help you get to the product that’s right for you. Commercial directed by Chris Cairns, who we’d worked with previously on Partizan’s Schwartz Bolt Commercial.

There are many benefits to the Titan’s telescopic arm. Firstly, less track needs to be laid on set, which means it doesn’t dictate or inhibit the action in front of camera and saves time in post by not having to paint out track.The Titan is the longest motion control crane arm in the world with a maximum lens height of close to 9m. The telescopic axis also allows a greater amount of freedom for directors to be more creative in planning their shots.

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