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The Talos is a compact, lightweight, portable live-action rig, designed for Motion Control. This design, created by the Academy Award-winning Milo design team, incorporates all the unique concepts, knowledge and skills giving you the best performance possible in a compact motion control rig.

The Talos’s ability to access a standard doorway (without the need for dismantling) which other rigs might find an obstacle has been carefully considered. Exceptionally fast to set up and a wide range of planned characteristics, the Talos will have a spectacular and diverse range of movements for its compact size.

Controlled by Flair motion control software and with all the Award winning features that facilitate ease of use and flexibility, Talos outsmarts all other moco rigs of it’s size. Utilising the popular Ulti-Head which has the ability and additional benefit to be removed for use as a stand alone MOCO or Remote head.

The head is reversible in the vertical axis and can quickly be changed from under-slung to over-slung allowing maximum flexibility in the minimum and maximum achievable lens heights.

The Talos has been specifically designed for both studio or field work and if shipped in its main component parts it can be set-up by two people and ready for action within the hour. Operating on rigid Moy 620 track or even better the Precision Dolly Rail, it is not only easy to set up but its narrow width allows filming in restricted spaces.

Talos on set

Part of the operating system allows for connecting an Arri 435 advance or extreme which will then provide for control of the camera as another axis of motion controlling the camera speed from 0 to 150FPS as well as the shutter angle from 11.2 to 180 degrees. The Talos will work with all the accessories provided by Mark Roberts Motion Control and comes complete with a range of interfaces and peripherals as standard making for simple upgrades and the attachment of other equipment.

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