Camera specific head modifications to Milo and Cyclops

With the recent shrinking of professional camera sizes used in film-making some of our clients have started modifying their rigs pan-tilt-roll heads to allow specific cameras to be fitted in a more compact and rigid manner. Often removing the standard baseplate that allows any camera to be fitted, and instead asking us to supply or manufacturing their own custom camera mounting for one specific camera. This allows the over head and camera size to be a little smaller and lighter as well as more rigid and therefore more stable. The reduced size also means it is easier to get into tight spaces. In most cases, some adjustment mechanism is included to allow the camera to be adjusted so it sits perfectly on the optical centre.

Below are some recent examples for the RED Epic and Arri Alexa.

RED Epic mounted directly onto Standard Pan-Tilt-Roll head at Syndicate Epic is mounted directly using the Matte Bars.


Arri Alexa mounting on Slimline Head at Camera Control Inc. Custom mounted directly on to head to keep it very compact.


EPIC Camera directly mounted on slimline head on Cyclops Rig @ Stiller Studios. (

EPIC Camera directly mounted on Cyclops @ Stiller Studios (

EPIC Camera directly mounted on slimline head on Cyclops Rig @ Stiller Studios (


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