Polycam Player is an automated robotic video capture system that provides clubs, venues and broadcasters with low-cost, high-mounted and wide angle footage for video analysis. Using real-time tracking data from ChyronHego’s TRACAB (TM)  solution, the Polycam Player accurately follows the action, automatically adjusting zoom and focus to keep the player or team in the frame at all times.

Control up to
Robotic Cameras
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Key Features

Covering All the Angles

Polycam Player physically moves the camera when tracking its subject. This means that you can position the camera almost anywhere within a stadium and still capture the footage you require.

The algorithms that control this movement have been written with the analyst in mind and keep a wide angle of the view that is ideal for tactical analysis. The three camera options currently available are:

  • Tactical Camera – side view of the pitch
  • Tactical High Behind – view from behind the goals at either end
  • Analyst Player Camera – used to monitor individual player performance.

Hybrid Player Tracking

The real-time data provided by the ChyronHego TRACAB system ensures that the camera can follow its subject accurately. In addition to this, the operator can dynamically adjust the framing of the subject to create the desired look but still be confident that the subject will remain in the frame at all times.

Designed Around the Robotic Pod Camera System

Our Robotic Pod is a dedicated robotic camera solution that has been designed to easily integratevinto existing stadium infrastructure and take advantage of high camera positions that would be otherwise unreachable. The Nikon DSLR technology within the Robotic Pod delivers extremely high image quality, even in poorly lit locations.

Ideal for Remote Production

The Polycam Player is perfectly suited to remote production. All tracking functions are performed on location within the stadium environment so there are no latency issues. The
operator, conceivably located thousands of miles away, simply needs to select the subject and let the Polycam Player do the rest.

Superior Image Quality

The use of optical zooming produces an image that is far superior to systems that digitally crop into wide panoramic views. This is of particular value to medical and scouting teams when assessing an individual players performance. The system also uses an auto-zoom feature to ensure the subject remains at a consistent size as they move around the playing area.

Automated Tracking

The real-time player tracking data provided by ChyronHego’s world-leading TRACABTM system combined with the Polycam Player solution enables analysts to precisely follow their team or individual players over the field of play.

Unrivalled Consistency

The Polycam Player produces very high levels of consistency when capturing footage. This allows analysts and coaches to directly compare video from game to game and more accurately monitor team performance


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