Robotic Pod - 2021 US Inauguration Case Study

Capturing History

How do you cover an event that photographers can’t access? Joe Biden’s inauguration would be a ceremony like no other as for the first time in history, patrons were banned from attending the event due to the high-risk security situation that arose from the storming of the capitol by protestors. MRMC’s robotic pod were designed for remote photography & video capture, and were able to put cameras where it wouldn’t be safe – or permitted – for photographers to go to capture the crucial shots. since the global pandemic started in 2020, the uptake of our remote Robotic Pods , including at the US Capitol on January 20th , has seen a huge increase in demand, as the upward trend of remote production and remote image capture gathers momentum.

Next-generation remote production tool

The Robotic Pod system is a leading, next-generation, remote production tool. Designed for the toughest of tasks, in the most remote of locations, this system helps capture new angles with ease. The modular system enables you to quickly and easily change your remote position from a wide to a super-tight shot. The Nikon FX full-frame sensor provides fantastic dynamic range, colour depth and low noise sensor performance – as well as a vast range of lens options.

A Reliable Source of Quality

MRMC & Nikon have been providing remote operations solutions in both broadcast and photojournalism for a number of years at events like the Olympics, Wimbledon tennis finals and a number of high profile red carpet events like the Cannes Film Festival. As a result of this groundwork and the arising situation with the Pandemic, our clients knew that they could trust MRMC / Nikon to plan and deliver a socially distanced production without the need to compromise on the quality of their output and production value. Customers reached out to secure Robotic Pods to cover positions where a photographer would normally be stationed but were now restricted from. We provided demonstrations and training to interested parties in order to familiarize them with the setup and operation during a couple of weeks leading up to the event date.

“We have continued to develop and refine the Robotic POD to a point where it is now the most versatile, easiest to install and operate robotic photography and video solution available on the professional market. ”

Sascha Kunze, Broadcast Operations, MRMC

A Remote Solution

Working in tandem with our clients and the inauguration media team, the installation of all 3 Robotic Pods was completed on the central media tower (centre stand) at the US Capitol. All Pods were equipped with Nikon Cameras and Lenses. These controllable Robotic heads were installed in conjunction with the various clients who were able to connect them to their own production infrastructure. They were able to control these heads remotely from anywhere that they had network access. For example, one customer was located in a separate building in the compound, while still being able to have a through-the-camera view and real-time control. Images were able to be captured and transmitted to their publications for coverage as it happened.