Robotic POD M2 Case Study - Die Welt Project

The all-weather remote capture tool

The Robotic Pod M2 is a high-accuracy Pan/Tilt platform incorporated with an environmentally protected high-specification broadcast camera and lens. The system is capable of 4K output at 22 X zoom range. The Robotic Pod M2’s environmental housing incorporates a dual solar-shield with active semi-conductor cooling and heating, Together with a window wash-wipe capability. Designed for integration into live broadcast via remote operation, the package is connected via fibre optic or ethernet infrastructure and can be mounted in situ permanently as well as being used with existing Nikon Pod pan/tilt arms.

DIE Welt Project Overview

WELT (owned by Axel Springer) is the market-leading news channel in Germany. As part of their daily broadcast segments, they wanted to show panoramic views of the city, as well as featuring some live footage of the city’s iconic buildings like Berliner Fernsehturm, so they teamed up with MRMC and Qvest Media, who are the master systems integrator on the project, to provide a solution. The company decided that to do this they would need a reliable weatherproof pan/tilt platform that could be fixed to the top of their building that was capable of capturing its subjects with clarity from a great distance

“MRMC’s M2 Robotic POD met all the requirements that we asked for, and we were impressed with its ability to provide the broadcast quality footage whilst providing the protection from the elements. The M2 has the additional advantage of being easily integrated into our existing robotic control system, and of course, being able to operate it remotely with such ease is a huge benefit ”

Clemens Oeltjen, Technical Engineer WELT

An Aerial Solution

The M2 Robotic POD was mounted on the roof of the AxelSpringer-building, with a direct fibre connection to the studio’s control room in the adjacent building. The Pod was attached to the high-level building signage and stands at over 80m high providing the perfect vantage point for the Berlin Cityscape. One of the key elements of the POD is the 22x optical zoom system, which means that subjects or objects can be captured
in crystal clear clarity, such as the Reichstag which is over 2km away. Inside the M2 the Grass valley LDX C82 camera was chosen which enables Die Welt to operate the camera remotely whilst being able to capture high-quality footage. On the outside, the large weatherproof housing with cooling, heating and wiper facilities ensure that the POD can withstand any weather condition whatever the elements throw at it

Find out more about the Robotic POD M2 here


“As Master System Integrator we had a great cooperation with the WELT team and the partners in MRMC. We are very pleased that we were able to find the perfect technology solutions to realize a media infrastructure that meets WELT’s high production requirements ”

Norman Tettenborn, Principal, Qvest Media