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The Biggest Rig Ever?

The Biggest Rig Ever?
MRMC upgrade The VFX Co’s Cyclops with a 9m Long Arm

Is this the biggest motion control rig on the planet? Mark Roberts Motion Control were proud to deliver this month an upgrade to the VFX Co’s Cyclops motion control system to allow it to carry their 9 metre long Carbon Fibre Arm – almost doubling the original arm length on the Cyclops. The Cyclops is the largest motion control rig available from MRMC. The London based VFX Company came to MRMC to request the ability to switch between using the standard arm which gives 6 metres of lens height and their Carbon Fibre arm which comes in 3 sections allowing it to be up to 9 metres long and giving a lens height of about 10 metres (over 30 feet)!
This made the Cyclops so tall that we could not attach all 3 sections or lift all the way up without hitting the ceiling. The work required a new sub-arm to be made to allow the new and old arms to attach securely to the Cyclops, as the clients wanted to be able to switch between both types of arm for various stages in the shoot. The work also had to fit in with the VFX Co’s busy work schedule, so there was limited time for the whole sub-arm to be designed, made and tested.

Cyclops new sub-arm and arm
Cyclops new sub-arm and arm

Cyclops New Arm

Cyclops New Arm raised to only 30 degrees

The pictures show the Cyclops with its new sub-arm and only two sections of the Carbon Fibre arm. 
It was raised to only 30 degrees instead of the maximum 45 degrees
as any further and the factory ceiling would have been hit!!!

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