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A Triumph for the Milo

Blog post courtesy of Harniman Photography

For The Ride – Thruxton, Rocket…and a Milo?

If you follow any of our social channels, you may have seen the behind-the-scenes of us working with the Milo arm . . .this project was conceived as an interactive web experience for the viewer to get up-close & personal with the new Thruxton through the Triumph website. (Hence no funky soundtrack on this one!) We have adapted the original footage to make it blog friendly.

And here it is in all its glory…

The secret bikes were under embargo as we spent a few days in the studio with them in January, although the preparation had started way before Christmas with the creative concept, design & manufacturing of the set build. Triumph Motorcycles launched their uber cool TFC (Triumph Factory Customs) Thruxton & Rocket last week – everyone needs one of these in their toy cupboard!

In the words of Triumph themselves, Triumph Factory Customs are designed and crafted to be the most beautiful, exclusive and desirable Triumphs ever made. An extraordinary rich and raw British sound from the Thruxton TFC one off exhaust system…

The Milo motion control rig enabled us to capture the craft of the motorcycle with pinpoint accuracy in the moves we wanted to achieve…

To find out more about the Milo Rig click here

Large Photography Turntable Helps New Film Studio Expand their Creative Portfolio

Diyar Najed, a Saudi Arabian company who recently set up a studio a short distance outside the capital, Riyadh, just added a large Photography Turntable and Motion Base to their motion control robotics collection.

The new studio intends to be a full-service studio that can shoot films, TV commercials, corporate/promotional videos and other branded entertainment; as well as photo-shoots and other photography related work.

The studio already possesses a Milo Long Arm and a Bolt High-Speed StudioBot. Now, having purchased a large Turntable and Motion Base, they’ve expanded their creative portfolio, which further strengthens their goal of becoming a top-end creative studio.

The 4.5 metre photography turntable – capable of carrying cars and even light vans – will be perfect for automotive commercials and photography shoots. Given the studio is in Saudi Arabia we would expect to see some high-end sports cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys etc. grace the turntable very soon!

See below for a short video we shot of the turntable in our own manufacturing studio before we shipped it out.

Motion Base for Strong Visual Creativity

The Motion Base is perfect for making any object – large or small – seem like it’s in full movement. Shot against a green screen you can create an entire scene, commercial or film, while still comfortably filming from a studio, set or specific location. Moving cars, trucks or spaceships, the possibilities are endless!

Below is a brilliant short behind the scenes video created by Stiller Studios demonstrating a similar motion base to the one for Diyar Najed, to see how studios can use motion control robotics to produce visually brilliant footage.

Dawn Of The Stuff – Behind The Scenes from Stiller Studios on Vimeo.

Why Product Photography for your Website?

e-commerce Product Photography


Photos and video define the communication culture we live in today. Nearly every social media platform has the means to record, send, receive and view media. This movement has defined the pixel hungry populace, and the exponential rise of cheaper technology and accessible giant bandwidth means that everyone doesn’t just want it – they crave it!

The same cravings that drive the social media world likewise drive e-commerce consumers – the impulse for instant gratification! From the casual web surfer to the die-hard digital shopper, alike they demand visual stimulus to satisfy their shopping appetite. If they can’t see what they want to see, in literally seconds they are onto the virtual doorstep of the next proprietor. It is just as one would stroll shop to shop through Carnaby Street, only in the digital world, shops are at the mercy of a simple button click and the prospect’s gone.

It is not only the ‘engaging’ of the customer with strong visual assets (videos, photos and lately 360-degree pictures) that’s important. This is definitely vital to the buying cycle, but by ensuring you are visually answering the customer’s questions, you are less likely to have your merchandise returned. Around 1/3 of all on-line items are sent back, and thus, it is of paramount importance that on-line retailers focus on how to reduce return rates – photos, videos, 360° and 3D photography are all very strong solutions to this problem.

You’ll read and hear countless stories on the percentage booms in revenue through strong, well presented visual assets on your website. Like a shop window designed to entice potential buyers, a well laid out website, with hot-spot visuals, and other cleverly positioned media and icons, will serve you well in driving through website sales.

According to a study conducted through Adobe Scene7, 91% of individuals surveyed want the ability to turn products around in full 360° spin and zoom in on any perspective. Golfing superstore Golfsmith found 30% higher conversion rates amongst products being showcased in 360° & 3D views.


Nike, Reebok, Asics and many other top sports brands are all great examples of companies who’ve maximised the use of good product photography on their websites. You can peruse clothing, trainers etc. with ease, and usually get a good visual impression of what you are interested in.

Asics recently streamlined their product photography process with The Orbital Rig; a powerful, high-speed photography rig designed to dramatically decrease the time it takes to get through high volume product shots. Switching trainers and other clothing items that require the same shots can be very time-consuming. With the Orbital, you can greatly increase the efficiency of this process. As Austin Langley Photographer for Asics comments:

‘We get the same shot, every time, every product, for every shoot. No variances in position or angle, which creates the uniformity we need.’

The longevity of any company today will depend on its ability to keep pace with the competitive digital landscape and to satisfy the consumer’s voracious appetite for visual content. Organisations both big and small should consider their options in terms of how they are going to standout in the insanely cluttered e-tail market and the means of showcasing their wares – whether it is generated through their own in-house photography studio, contracting the work out or purchasing the necessary photography equipment (cameras, turntables, photography rigs etc.).

As final thought, simply Google some relevant product images and see what stands out – what image do you see first? What photo do you like? What attracted you to that one image you clicked? – How can your product be that image?

For more information on the Orbital Product Photography Rig click here; for Turntables click here

New Product Photography Case Study: 10 million photos later!

Studio 727 are a Slovakian post-production company who have been using MRMC robotics for some years now. They have recently completed a nationwide digitalisation project, in which they had to take over 10 million photos! Using over 10 different MRMC robotic rigs, they worked through 55 museums to capture the countries historical artefacts! Read more about our Product Photography service. You can download the full case study here: Studio 727: Case Study

Case-Study-cover-template@2x Cloud-download


Asics Purchases two MrMoco Orbital Rigs for their Product Photography Line

MRMC Product Photography Rig the Orbital with Asics Logo


Asics the multi-national, athletic equipment company, had a problem that needed solving and they came to MRMC to do so.

Japanese footwear company, Asics, have a team of professional photographers to capture stock images of each and every style and colour shoe to upload on to their website. However, being the perfectionists they are, they had problems trying to get the shoes in the exact same position, with the exact same lighting and angle.

After undertaking extensive market research, Asics discovered MRMC's Orbital

The Orbital offers 30 different shots, giving 360 degree views from 4 different angles in about as many seconds! Asics had not previously found such speed and accuracy within the market.

Furthermore, the added bonus with the MRMC rig, is it can shoot full-blown video, giving them the ability to do flying 360 video shots for social media and even commercials. 

This made the Orbital the hands-down choice – and actually bought two!

A test was done to see the speed of the Orbital.  Here are the shots made in what time on what moves:

  • 1 spin with 10 photos and 1 top photo = 11 photos, one rotation, two elevations, 13 seconds
  • 1 spin with 36 photos and 1 top photo = 37 photos, one rotation, two elevations, 33 seconds
  • 3 spins with 10 photos each and 1 top photo = 31 photos, three rotations, four elevations, 40 seconds

After seeing the Orbital speeds and accuracy, Austin Langley, Digital Photographer for ASICS America Corporation, made the recommendation to go with MRMC’s Orbital, stating,

“Those are some impressive stats. I'm definitely seeing the potential with the Orbital.”

For more information or to see some video examples of The Orbital click here


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