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SFH-30 with RED Epic / Scarlet

At Mark Roberts Motion Control we do a small pan tilt head perfect for the Scarlet/Epic sized cameras, it is called the SFH-30. The SFH-30 can be controlled over Ethernet running from a joystick back to an AV room. One joystick can control several heads or you can have a dedicated joystick for each, depending on your requirements. We recently had a client using the head with an Epic in a concert hall. Here below is a photo of the SFH-30 with a RED Epic and a 400mm zoom. We can also control the zoom and focus of the lens.

SFH-30 with Red Camera and 400mm Zoom

For more details on the SFH-30 or any other Head please contact Mark Roberts Motion Control. T: 01342 838 000 or

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