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S3 3D Stereoscopic Animation Unit

S3 3D Stereoscopic Animation Unit

It is now 12 months since the S3 3D Stereoscopic Stepper/Slider unit was released and in that time it has gone from strength to strength being used in everything from commercials, to feature films and TV series and in all corners of the globe. Being compatible with MACs and PCs and all major animation and motion control systems, as well as all standard DSLRs has made it very popular and its affordability has meant anyone can get their hands on one.


 Since its first release there have been numerous software upgrades which have added new features and given performance improvements. The unit itself has been upgraded mechanically since its first release with a stronger motor and strengthened chassis and is capable of carrying large weights even at an angle (for example 4kg at 30 degrees inclined or 3kg at 45 degrees). It can even lift almost 2kg at a degree incline all from the humble USB port. It has been tested with MAC OS, Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 32-bit & 64-bit.
Soon the release of the new S4 unit will offer customers the ability to have a 3D Stereoscopic unit capable of having a convergence option (more info to follow in later updates).
Aardman Animations, currently working on their next feature film had this to say: “At Aardman Animations we have been using the S3 stereoscopic stepper unit for 3D animation on our latest feature film, currently still in production. MRMC have been very helpful adapting the unit to suit our needs, such as adding a step and direction output so we can utilise different motion control equipment and 3D trackers with the units. We have been using up to 30 units in our studios on different shots, controlling them via the USB serial communications by Stop Motion Pro 7 creating a complete stereo solution taking both frames and moving the camera with a single button push. So far the S3 has greatly increased the speed of shooting and helped create accurate 3D images adequate for theatre projection.” – Morgan Roe Production Technical Engineer
Bjoern Gottwald used his S3 to create his Bachelor thesis at the University of Applied Science in Augsburg, Germany. We were really impressed when he proudly sent us footage of his “trailer” called Embers set in a post-apocalyptical world, where humans are outnumbered by machines…. Well worth seeing, click here.

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