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Orbital Rig for 360 Degree Spin Photography

The Orbital rig is specifically designed to simplify and dramatically reduce the time taken to take product shots for e-commerce or museum archival projects. Designed to be very fast in moving from position to position, saving valuable time resources when there are thousands of products to shoot. Major online retailers typically have at least 10,000 products to shoot, each from multiple angles to get a good 3D spin, while many have over 100,000, while museums can have millions of artefacts. As an example, the British Natural History museum has over 61 million artefacts, most of which are never seen, but 360 photography and scanning could make all the artefacts available to researchers and the masses.
The Orbital rig comes in different sizes and is made specifically to quickly take photos from all angles of product and items for online retail and museum artefact archiving. Turntables can be any size. Precise, fast and quick to use with the precision found standardly in Mark Roberts Motion Control products. Watch the video below and for more information click here



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