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MRMC Underwater Heads

MRMC Underwater Heads

Here you can see a photo of the Motion Control Pan-Tilt unit tested at Pinewood studios water tank at 6 metres depth. or alternatively click on the link below to see a video of it working in a swimming pool.

Underwater Head Test @ Pinewood Studios

The Underwater head is one area of major developments that MRMC have been involved in recently. Some of which are being supplied for use during the Olympics. The picture below shows a sneak peak of the early underwater prototype, designed to go in the swimming and diving pools. It will also work in the sea for underwater filming or time-lapse. Not shown on this model is the underwater focus control.
Prototype Underwater Head

Click this link to see the Underwater Head Test in a Swimming Pool

Here is a link to the Prototype Underwater Head Video Our new underwater pan/tilt head allows you to remotely control the head from above ground or with special underwater controllers. Can be used for underwater photography, video or time lapse in swimming pools or in open ocean. For more information contact us 

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