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MRMC success at Cine Gear Expo

MRMC success at Cine Gear Expo

We had a successful Cinegear Expo 2006 in LA last month.  Located on the Panther Dollies and Cranes booth – our collaboration partners for many years – we displayed two of our Pan/Tilt Ulti-heads.  One Ulti-head was running as a motion control system together with a Track axis (pictured above left) and a 360 degree roll axis (based on the Alien Revolution from MK-V), while the other was mounted from the jib arm of a Panther Evolution dolly and was being used purely as a remote head system using the new MSA-20 Handwheels.  Both systems performed brilliantly and generated a lot of interest.  The motion control system flawlessly performed over 2000 repeating movements over two days in the blazing California sun (more than can be said for our Managing Director who sought refuge under the shade whenever possible).  We had visitors from the US and many other countries especially Japan, as  well as some unusual characters such as Elvis who kindly paid us a visit.

Elvis enjoying the Ulti-Head shot.

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