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MRMC creates bespoke High speed rotate Rig

We often get asked to go around a subject at high speed. This month we were asked to create a high speed rig for a client wanting to go at over 5m/s (16’/sec) around a subject while filming with a high speed Olympus i-Speed camera. Additionally they wanted to be able to go around and around and not have to worry about cables tangling. We created what was needed and the results were pretty jaw-dropping so we thought we’d put some of the test footage online.

High Speed Rotate circular Bespoke Moco Rig
High Speed Rotate circular Bespoke Moco Rig

Standard off-the-shelf rental dolly rail was used and special dolly wheels were used to “grip” onto to the rail to stop the dolly from flying off due to centrifugal forces. Even so, everything including the rail had to be heavily weighed down to ensure nothing tried to move off during the high speed motion.

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