Motion Control Range Downloads

High Speed Systems

Bolt Mini Model Mover

The Bolt Mini Model Mover is an extremely versatile lightweight 6-axis high-speed arm capable of full manipulation of products with repeat pass precision, timing and triggering capabilities.

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Bolt Jr+

Bolt™ Jr+ is a lightweight, affordable small cinema robot with a longer reach than the Bolt Jr. The agile, high-speed camera robot comes with a 10kg payload and is an ideal solution for smaller spaces or location work.

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The Bolt™ High-Speed Camera Robot is the fastest of its kind – capturing images in crisp focus that would be impossible by hand or any other method. The precision cinema robot adds an entirely new perspective to filming – whether shooting commercials, tabletop work, film or television.

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Bolt X

The Bolt™ X has the longest arm reach of our high-speed equipment. With a reach of 3.2m, the Bolt X allows for greater flexibility in capturing shots at high speed in the studio and at location settings.

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Moco Rigs


The Milo is the ideal solution for achieving studio-quality motion control with a portable system. Stable enough for macro work, fast enough for live action shooting and ready to go within an hour of arriving on set, the Milo delivers all the flexibility and control required for filming on location.

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The Modula System is a rig specifically designed to meet a variety of shooting conditions. As the name suggests, it is modular and can be configured depending on shooting requirements.

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Talos is a medium sized rig designed for easy, portable motion control – making it ideal for location work. Half the weight of the larger Milo rig, the Talos still offers a wide operating envelope, making it a good alternative for shoots where space or transport is a factor.

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The Titan offers unlimited creativity for Directors and DP’s providing versatility and a style of shooting unachievable with other fixed arm rigs. Available on track, it offers a complete solution for high-end image capture.

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Titan X

The Titan X is the latest edition to our larger motion control rigs. With a huge 7m telescopic arm, the Titan X robotic camera rig gives a much larger creative freedom with its much larger operating envelope.

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The Animoko is a versatile, low-cost animation rig that delivers professional-level precision. Designed for stop-frame and 3D stereoscopic animation, where live action speeds are not required. The Animoko features very precise zero backlash gearing to ensure pinpoint accuracy.

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Flair is MRMC’s premier motion control software. Designed to give exceptional command over camera movement, Flair precisely controls up to 500 axes of motion, is fully compatible with all of our motion control rigs, heads and accessories and interfaces seamlessly with CGI packages. Flair is the tool that makes your vision reality.

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