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Introducing the Motion Controlled Ladder Dolly

Introducing the Motion Controlled Ladder Dolly

A couple of SFH-30 Pan-Tilt head owners have asked about using their Ladder dolly in combination with the SFH-30. A ladder dolly is a very lightweight dolly that uses ladders as rails for the dolly. The advantages for location work are numerous, one can easily buy or borrow a ladder on any location and therefore simplify transportation, and being a single rigid piece means the setup is very quick and easy. One can even use it on a gradient.

In order to use the Ladder dolly with the SFH-30, Mark Roberts Motion Control added a belt driven track motor to the dolly. The belt clips onto any ladder of any length. The track motor and belt are very lightweight so everything can be packed into a backpack, ideal for tracking into jungles or climbing up mountain sides. The motor plugs into one of the existing motor ports on the SFH-30 head and can be controlled via a laptop or PDA running AEON for time lapse and animation.

 Click here to see a short demo of the ladder dolly

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