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The Ultimate in Motion Control

The CyclopsDeveloped by Mark Roberts Motion Control, Cyclops is the largest and most sophisticated motion control system available for those who simply want the best. It gives the greatest range, speed and versatility of any motion control rig available.


Cyclops gives you control of Track, Lift, Rotate, Arm Extension, Head Angle, Pan, Tilt, Roll, Camera, Zoom, Focus, Iris as well as numerous model movers, turn-tables or peripheral devices. All with absolute precision and rigidity even at high speed.

CGI Interface

Moves can be easily transferred to and from CGI packages such as Maya, XSi, 3D Studio Max, Houdini or Filmbox using a variety of methods, both in real-time or by file transfer for post-production.

This rapidly speeds the process of combining live action with CGI.

Shooting Speed

Imagine having a camera crew ready to go into action at an instants notice any time or day of the week. Once Cyclops is installed in your studio you effectively have such a set up under your control. Not only are complex special effects shoots easy to plan and quick to complete, but normal shooting is faster to complete. This offers both you and your clients cost savings through speed of operation.

The Cyclops on set

Large Operating Envelope

The system maintains superior rigidity throughout its large operating envelope. 6 meters of available height gives crane-like versatility to the rig. And despite axes speeds fast enough to keep up with live action, the Cyclops is incredibly rigid and can handle detailed close ups with ease.

Rails are manufactured specifically to meet your studio requirements in terms of length. They can even be mounted below the floor so they can be covered up when not in use.

Hydraulic Base

A hydraulics base can be supplied with Cyclops. This enables the rig to raise itself off the rails and be positioned within the studio area. It can even pick up the rails and position itself and the rails anywhere in the studio.

  • The best studio motion control system available on the market.
  • High speed motion – with camera speeds of over 4 metres per second as standard.
  • Very rigid – giving vibration free motion even for macro work.
  • Very accurate – no trying to fix errors in post.
  • Easily integrated with CGI, such as Maya or Filmbox – for on-set Pre-viz or easy post-production.
  • Can carry and integrate to a huge range of cameras – including large heavy cameras and lenses
  • 3D stereoscopic rig payloads are not a problem.
  • Longer arm options are also available.


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