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Introducing the Ulti-Head

The Ulti-Head is the ultimate in heavy-load motion control heads designed for payload capacity, speed and precision.

The Ulti-Head offers the best in class for heavy duty camera support with a maximum payload of 45Kg, making it the ideal choice for providing high speed, fluid and accurate motion for large-format cameras and lenses.

Key Benefits

  • Experience exacting repeatability with the unit’s zero-backlash gearboxes and mechanics.
  • Exploit the Ulti-Head’s extraordinary flexibility thanks to its built-in control of additional motors such as roll, focus, zoom, iris and more; nine axes can be controlled per head.
  • Deploy the built-in homing/zeroing sensors; the head will automatically find its home position after powering up.
  • Designed for film, HD and 4K cameras plus 3D stereo rigs.
  • Can be run on standard Arri or Panavision batteries.

The Ulti-Head

Total Convenience

The Ulti-Head boasts a space-saving compact design for high portability, making it easy to deploy on location. It also features a standard crane, dolly and tripod mount for universal use and offers a 360° motion with a tangle-free design. Plus the Ulti-Head is cost-effective – you won’t need to waste any time on expensive fixes in post-production.

Total Compatibility

Whatever your setup, the Ulti-Head has it covered; it works with hand-wheels, joysticks or pan-bars and is fully adjustable for any camera or lens thanks to its adaptable carbon-fibre tubes. The Ulti-Head also works directly with the MSA-20 for remote head use – even wirelessly – and offers full track and lift options and can interface to video lens motors.

Total Control

The Ulti-Head can be controlled using remote hand-wheels, joystick or pan-bars, or be programmed via computer using our advanced Flair software system to ensure you remain in control of every single shot, no matter where you are.

If you’re looking for Ulti-Head on track, click here.

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