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AimTrack: Automated Tracking

AimTrack is a software suite developed by MRMC to allow for Automated Image Acquisition in a range of fields for numerous applications.

Unlimited Applications

Using advanced vision analysis and tracking techniques AimTrack can be used in Broadcast and Educational institutions to automatically follow a presenter or lecturer, in security to detect motion, anomalies, or specific threats like drones, UAVs, or other vehicles, in sports and wildlife photography to trigger the camera from specific events, or in surveillance for automated image acquisition of suspects. Using a combination of software, and where required hardware, and a range of analysis, from face and body recognition, to pattern tracking and motion detection, AimTrack can be adapted for any application where rapid Automated Image Acquisition is needed.

When integrated with our responsive robotics, a new level of application can be realised.


Key Benefits

  • Select your point of interest quickly with the system’s touchscreen interface.
  • Exploit the camera’s zoom which automatically adjusts as the tracked person moves closer to or further away from the lens.
  • Deploy in any location or studio thanks to the system’s compact, portable design.
  • Use with any video, HD or broadcast setup.
  • Applications in security, sports, surveillance, transport, education, broadcast.

Exceptional Versatility

AimTrack can be used to follow anything – track a handheld microphone as it is passed from person to person, follow a horse as it moves around a stable, and more.


Simple to Use, Easy to Master

The system can be integrated with an optional high-speed precision pan tilt head with an advanced image processing system, all operated via a simple touchscreen interface.

Post Production Perfected

In addition to tracking an object, when AimTrack is used to control a pan tilt head, the exact position of the head and the tracked object can be output in realtime via serial or UDP/Ethernet, allowing for integration with Virtual Studio application or adding on-set augmented reality foreground or background graphics.

Download Now

View the AimTrack information pack for more details.


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