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Introducing the StudioBot Robotic Arm

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In the fast-paced world of news broadcasting, studio efficiency is paramount.

Media organizations constantly seek technologies that improve production quality and save valuable studio space.

One such innovation is the StudioBot robotic arm from MRMC. These versatile and compact devices have transformed how news is presented, offering myriad benefits that help streamline operations.

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Minimum Footprint, Maximum Impact

The StudioBot is a compact robotic arm that allows you to optimize studio space while delivering unparalleled performance. Bringing an unmatched level of precision to your broadcasts, the StudioBot provides flawless camera movements and can seamlessly synchronise with your existing studio set-up.

Space-Saving Innovation

“We opted for robotics not only because of the space limitation but also for the flexibility. The depth in front of the stage is only about 10 ft. For us to work around that, we decided to go with these robotics. That has been a key element for us because it would have been tough to fit a jib in there but we can get still a lot of compelling, creative shots.”

Christiaan Cokas

director, Creative Automation + Studio Technology, Disney

Example Footage

StudioBot Feature Highlights

Easy to use icon

Easy to use

The simple and intuitive interface allows an operator to design their camera movements into smooth, highly accurate motion

Repeatable Moves

Program precise saveable camera preset movements

Flexible automation

The StudioBot offers the ultimate flexibility for any production situation, with both fully automated trigger and live control of programmed moves
Joystick Control Icon

Joystick Console

Smooth easy operation with a broadcast panel or joystick
Teleprompter Icon


Innovative teleprompter solution for vibration-free camera moves
Underslung Studiobot Icon

Ceiling Mounted Option

The StudioBot can be floor or ceiling mounted
Autotracking Icon


Automatically tracks presenters
Collision Avoidance Icon

Collision Avoidance

Prevents collisions with studio equipment

Powerful Controls

Driven by Robokam Software

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