Broadcast Controllers

Power is nothing without control and MRMC has a range of flexible control solutions to suit everyone. Users can work with our innovative software solutions including fully automated camera tracking with Polymotion Chat or use our manual controllers for more traditional workflows. For safe remote production our pan bar solution allows a camera operator to control a head located anywhere as if they were there. Our control solutions work with most 3rd party PTZ heads and cameras.


For live televised sports and events having the right interface is essential for successfully combining remote control and natural looking motion. MRMC’s joystick and pan bar control systems offer the best available translation of operator commands into smooth and precise camera shots.

Broadcast Panel

The Broadcast Panel is a standalone controller for a range of MRMC robotic heads. The LFP is a robust controller designed for day-in, day-out use in a professional studio and outside broadcast environments.


MRMC’s studio control software provides an ideal framework for today’s integrated studio environments. Multiple camera positions can be easily controlled from a single operator and pre-programmed moves and positions executable via a simple touch screen interface.