Solutions & Applications

MRMC is the go-to company for high-end special effects, for over 50 years customers have used MRMC products to get the shots nobody thought possible. Often new hardware and software would need to be created to achieve what the customer’s vision, leading to many breakthrough innovations in robotics and resulting in multiple awards – including an Oscar for Engineering Excellence.

As broadcast has diversified more and more customers started approaching us for solutions to their challenges and today we are proud to offer an extensive range of broadcast-ready solutions while being ready and willing to look at a broadcaster’s problem and develop something that solves it.

MRMC solutions are used the world over with encoded PTZ heads able to work with any camera for traditional or virtual studios. the speed of MRMC robotics means the same PTZ head can be used either as a simple controllable head in a studio or for high-speed live sports and anything in between. Water-resistant and even fully waterproof housings can be deployed and many sports venues have MRMC products permanently, discreetly deployed, allowing remote photography, video capture and broadcast.

Remote heads mean camera operators don’t need to be in the same location as the camera, furthermore, they don’t even need to be in the same building due to the innovative control solutions being IP based and requiring very little bandwidth for monitoring and controlling. Our fully automated Polymotion Chat solution means you don’t even need an operator as the software does it all. These solutions pair perfectly with MRMC heads and robots but can also integrate with and control PTZ cameras and heads from other manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony, Vinten, Ross, JVC, Shotoku, Telemetric, Newtek and many others.

Studios and virtual production

MRMC pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) heads are available with and without encoders, enabling us to offer high quality cost effective camera control solutions for traditional studio environments or the same product can be supplied with encoders to allow it to be used in a 3D studio environment for immersive 3D sets.

We use industry standard protocols that will work with all major graphics systems such as Vizrt, ChyronHego, RT Software, Pixel Power, Ross Expression, WASP 3D and many others. We offer a variety of control options depending on whether you wish to use studio automation to control the broadcast or manual operators. Camera movements and sequences can be programmed so that all operators have to do is select a shot or start a sequence and the work is done for them.

Polymotion Chat can automate all of it using our intelligent software engine to track the talent and keep them perfectly in frame reducing the costs of dedicated camera operators or dealing with today’s challenges of social distancing and remote production.

Studio & Virtual Product Solutions Include:

AFC Heads | PTA-1 | Robotic Pod | Robotic Pod M2 | Studiobot | Lift Column | Ulti-Head | Polymotion Chat

Sports Solutions

Many sports and sports venue across the globe rely on MRMC solutions to capture their stills and video. Our range of indoor and fully water tight outdoor robotic heads are used to capture athletics, football, tennis, swimming, darts, horse racing and many more. Our innovative control solutions make working in hard to reach environments simple.

Many customers have come to us to solve the challenges that live sports brings and we have used this knowledge and experience to develop class leading sports solutions used by sports broadcasters the world over.

Our Polymotion products take this to the next level, Polymotion player uses real-time tracking data to control cameras so a camera can follow a specific player, semi-automated operations allow one camera operator to control multiple cameras focusing on the same point and Polymotion Relay allows a single operator to control multiple cameras following moving objects such as runners, cyclists, horses, racing cars etc., all the operator does is control the speed. Volumetric capture adds a new dimension allowing 360° player capture for avatar and 3D model creation.

Sport Product Solutions Include:

Polymotion Chat | Player | AFC Heads | PTA-1 | Robotic Pod | Robotic Pod M2 | MHC


Remote production

Mark Roberts Motion Control solutions enable users to create high quality sophisticated on air shots that often couldn’t be created any other way but they also create significant cost savings and allow socially distanced workflows to be better than before.

Innovative and flexible control options give the user the choice of how they want to operate their system. Simple control systems with or without a joystick panel allow control of multiple cameras from the same interface and advanced sequences mean that shows can be pre-programmed and non-specialist staff can run the cameras.

Polymotion chat automation takes this to the next level providing a fully controlled system where the software tracks the subject and according to your preset preferences provides the shot you expect. MRMC heads work perfectly in this setup and with our parent company Nikon we can provide very cost-effective high-quality solutions but we are also open you can use any camera with our heads and any heads with our software including all in one PTZ cameras such as those from Sony, Panasonic or JVC.

Remote Production Solutions Include:

Polymotion Chat | Player | AFC Heads | PTA-1 | Robotic Pod | Robotic Pod M2 | MHC


House of Worship

The increasing demands of live broadcast from Houses of Worship has created many challenges. MRMC products provide the ideal solution for these, offering cost-effective, reliable, flexible and easy to use solutions. H.O.W. can use any camera they like with one of Mark Robert’s heads or they can use 3rdparty PTZ cameras or even a combination of both.

This allows for a perfect marriage of the more functional look normally achieved from an integrated PTZ camera with the creative possibilities that a large sensor camera with a shallow depth of field can offer. Our Nikon packages offer excellent value providing video quality that people expect to pay a lot more for and we even have TV channels that have switched when they realise what they can achieve.

If you already have cameras or you want to use something in particular then our heads will work with any camera. Control is simple. MRMC software and control panels are able to control 3rd party cameras and heads and our innovative Polymotion Chat solution can do the work of the camera operator reducing cost and staffing problems. Polymotion chat will automatically track the speaker(s) and take care of the focus and zoom.

House of Worship Solutions Include:

Polymotion Chat | AFC HeadsMHC


Live events

MRMC has years of experience in live sports and live events. Our robotic arms solutions are the perfect option for mesmerising shots of real or virtual catwalk shows. Our robotic pan and tilt heads can be discreetly installed in concert venues, theatres or quickly rigged for temporary events and when paired with the right camera can offer incredible images that manual camera operation wouldn’t be able to capture. The increasing need for systems to be operated remotely for both cost-saving and health reasons makes MRMC products a great choice.

Our IP control systems allow a single operator to be able to work from anywhere and control multiple cameras. By using Polymotion the camera control could be automated so many different parts of a live conference, event or festival could be captured safely and cheaply.

Our hybrid solutions enable unique workflows, for example for larger events single operators could be controlling multiple cameras in conjunction with our auto-tracking system so lower interest events could be automated and when a headline event starts and more dynamic shots are preferred an operator takes control of one camera and the others can follow or some cameras can remain automated giving complete flexibility to the director.

Live Event Solutions Include:

Polymotion Chat | AFC HeadsMHC | Studiobot