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Bolt’s Unique Tracking Moves Help Create New Music Video

In this short behind the scenes video, freelance motion control operator Jerry Andrews, along with co-director Jared Raab, talk about The Bolt high-speed cinebot rig and how it was instrumental in capturing July Talk’s music video which was shot on location at William F. White Centre in Toronto in association with Part & Parcel!

You can watch the July Talk’s full music video here:

William F White International is the largest production equipment supplier in Canada, with locations across the country. Jerry Andrews is a freelance motion control operator working in partnership with WF Whites and others.
The MRMC Bolt is the world’s fastest and most advanced high-speed camera robot for live action, television commercials, VFX, or for table top work. Reaching top speed of over 4 metres in under a second, Bolt has the ability to get up to speed instantly from standstill to high-speed motion and back again in fractions of a second. For more information on the Bolt click here.

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