"It’s not often one comes across such great service that truly went above and beyond and I think it’s worth commending MRMC as a whole for such care and attention that ultimately ends in customer satisfaction that surpasses expectations. So for that, a big heartfelt thank you from all of us here at Graft! "
GRAFT James Lee
"Your customer service is incredible, you have a great team and we really feel confident working with you guys. This really means a lot for us, so thank you again, it's harder and harder to find this quality of service in other companies. Don't change that, please! ;) We are really happy to be part of this MRMC 'family'. "
Léma Production Léo & Mathieu
"We have a BOLT Jr and use it to shoot Tabletop with our Phantom Veo camera. It’s really amazing equipment which allows us to boost our creativity and save a lot of time on the set. The Bolt arm is the best possible choice on the market for our purpose - such a speed, accuracy and repeatability are impossible to achieve other way. "
Fireflies Films Gregorz
"We are extremely happy with our BOLT High Speed Cinebot rig on tracks and its versatility - anything from action sports to miniature tabletop shots is possible. We have even used the BOLT in remote desert locations and found it surprisingly manageable to set up and operate out in the field. Many people think it’s most useful for studio work and tabletop shots, but that is actually just a fraction of the work we have been using it for. After initial setup the overall production becomes a streamlined process and the reliability of FLAIR also makes post production so much easier. "
Parallax Creations Seb Optiz
"Mark Roberts Motion Control robotics allow us to program elaborate camera movements and developing shots ahead of time, so that once production has begun, we are able to recreate each shot with pin-point accuracy. As a director, the studio-bot allows me to precisely choreograph the look of a production by building a move ahead of time. Combined with the five robotic heads, we are able to create slick, complex camera sequences with a single operator, optimising our small team. "
London Live Sam Hockley
"We have two BOLTs on track and a MILO Long arm here in Shanghai, China. Motion Control is a fantastic tool that allows a production to express creativity in a whole new way. The Milo Long Arm with its extended reach and pixel accurate precision is invaluable for repeat pass VFX work. The BOLT is just as important as we can achieve fantastic high speed shoots with ease. Both systems are easy to control using the Flair software. "
Dianli Amanda Han
"I had the pleasure of working with the MRMC team on a Lucozade Sport spot I directed and I can safely say, it’s been a real game-changer. Using the bolt really opened my eyes up to a new locker of shots you simply can’t get on anything else. The team at MRMC are completely professional, supportive and are a joy to work with. "
Blokpictures Paul Casey
"We Get the same shot, every time, every product, for every shoot with the Orbital. We use it for each of our retailers, and this means multiple settings with different positions. However, with this unit we just load the settings we need and in seconds we have the preset positions and setting for that category. Another thing is versatility. I can adjust it for anything I need. Any angle, any height, any position on the turntable, and as few or as many shots as I want. By removing the manual process, the automation really saves a lot of time. I’m able to load it and set it up VERY QUICKLY. If someone comes in and says they need a shot done by tonight, I can have it loaded and set up fast and pump out the images I need in no time flat. By having the ability to load a setting and get moving into the shoot using my presets, it totally changes the game. I’m able to shoot so quickly with it that I am able to burn through shoots in an hour that would have usually taken me a whole day to shoot. I thought I would be using these more, but I just find I get all my work done so fast that I’m only using the Orbital 3 of the 5 days I had planned on needing it. "
Asics Austin Langley
"Despite the weight of the camera, the AFC-head has very robust robotic movements. We use the system in a studio with a small set, where there is no space to install a tripod and place a cameraman. The robotic system is installed in the lighting grid. We use 1500A Sony cameras, all camera controls can be commanded and managed from the console. Despite the weight of the camera, the AFC-head has very robust robotic movements. "
Win Sports Columbia William Alberto Albarracin
"The SFH-50 unit accomplishes expectations. I must say that, in terms of HW, the unit accomplishes expectations. The UDP firmware provided is clearly developed by great engineers, and the MRMOCO team provides great support. Summarising, we had a very positive experience, and we plan to continue with the MRMOCO products for the coming near activities. "
GMV Lorenzo Cercós Pita
"Orbital is quick and strong, but safe enough for people with little training to use it. The accuracy of the Orbital is great – we depend on its ability to precisely repeat the same motion over and over. The spin rig software inside Flair is simple and quite flexible. The turntable seems to be a workhorse – we’ve loaded it with over 100kg and it still turns seamlessly. Having one of your engineers over for a service or calling Mr. Moco is a great experience – you guys are fantastic and patient. "
Schjærven Roger Gihlemoen
"We really like the MRMC SFH-50 pan tilt units from the perspective of an all-in-one solution. We also like the support team and the quick responses and flexibility of MRMC as a company to support our requirements, which are not exactly what the pan/tilt units were originally intended for. MRMC saved us a lot of headache from having a clobbered together control system by supporting almost everything we need to do from their single control box. No external enclosures and control systems required. Keep up the good work – it is a great all-in-one solution! "
Lund Engineering Marko Oviir
"The AFC-100 has integrated seamlessly into our existing ethernet infrastructure. "
Celebro Studios Wesley Dodd
"The SFH-30 Head is compact, accurate and ideal for our animation needs… "
Aardman Animation Ian Fleming