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BSC Show Success

BSC Show Success

The new Ulti-head track system and 360 degree roll shown at the British Society of Cinematographers show last month proved very popular. Working with industry standard rails and using MRMC racking or toothed belt (on request), the system provides an invaluable additional axis of motion to the Ulti-Head. Able to achieve speeds in excess of 3 metres per second, the compact track/dolly system allows the user to either fit a tripod directly on the platform or use extendable “bazookas” (columns) with the Ulti-head mounted on top. Currently being worked on and also due to be released soon are curved rail adaptions to allow the head to achieve full 360 degree circles, as well as vertical lifting columns.


Some of the Mark Roberts staff pictured with the Ulti-head track system at the BSC show

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